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Pillars of Eternity 2: Cheat Codes and Console Commands

Like the original, the second part of Pillars of Eternity 2 turned out to be a rather difficult role-playing game. It often contains powerful opponents, dangerous traps, and difficult locations. In addition, you will constantly miss copper. Of course, not all players have enough nerves to overcome all challenges. Fortunately, you can use cheats, codes, and console commands at any time to Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire…

How to Open the Pillars of Eternity 2 Console and Redeem Codes

Press the “~” key (the tilde above the TAB and denoting the letter “E”) to open the console, in which you can enter the desired cheat codes. Then you need to enter the command “Iroll20s” (without quotes) to activate the cheat mode. After that, you can start entering the commands indicated by us below.

Let’s say you want to add yourself, 100 copper. In this case, open a console, and then write into it:

  • Iroll20s

Next, you need to enter this command:

  • givemoneyplayer 100

After that, an additional 100 coppers will appear in your inventory. If you want to turn off the cheat mode, then just enter the command “Iroll20s” again.

Note: When using codes, you will not be able to get game achievements, so we do not advise you to abuse them.

Basic Cheats

  • Iroll20s – turns on the cheat mode in the game. Reuse disables this mode.
  • god – turns on the god mode, in which all the characters in your party become invulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • healparty – restores stamina and health to all group members.
  • unlockall – opens all locked containers on the current map.
  • rest – the group is resting without using tools to set up the camp.
  • givemoneyplayer [n] – gives n-amount of copper to the hero.
  • addexperience [n] – gives all group members n-number of experience points.
  • addexperiencetolevel [n] – each character in the group gets n-level (maximum can be 12th level).
  • skill (character) (skill name) (n) – increases the skill of the selected character by n-level. Character names: player (player’s hero) Sagani, Hiravias, Pallegina, Eder, Aloth, Kana, GM (Grieving Mother), GGP (Durance). Skill names: Stealth (stealth), Athletics (athleticism), Lore (knowledge of the world), Mechanics (mechanics), Survival (survival). Example: skill alleging mechanics 10 – Pallegina’s mechanic skill is increased to 10.
  • attributescore (character) (attribute name) (n) – increases the characteristic of the selected character by n units. Character names: player (player’s hero) Sagani, Hiravias, Pallegina, Eder, Aloth, Kana, GM (Grieving Mother), GGP (Durance). Parameter names: Might, Constitution, Dexterity, Perception, Intellect, Resolve. Example: attributescore GGP intellect 18 – Durance’s Intelligence is increased to 18.
  • craftingdebug – You will get a lot of crafting materials.
  • freerecipestoggle – you can craft any item without even having the required ingredients.
  • invisible – your group will become invisible, that is, enemies will ignore you.
  • nofog – removes the “fog of war”.
  • togglespelllimit – you can cast spells without any restrictions.
  • unlockbestiary – gives you access to all information about the monsters in the bestiary.

Secret Pets

In Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, the hero can have pets, and some of them are secret. Codes for them were found in a number of gaming magazines. To get them, you just need to open the console and enter the commands below, that is, without typing iroll20s. Thus, opening them will not lead to the loss of trophies.

  • COSMIC DOG – Unlocks the space dog.
  • COSMIC BIRD – Discovers a space bird.
  • COSMIC CAT – Unlocks the space cat.

These codes can be used for any hero you create.

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