Cheats Codes and Console Commands for Subnautica

Finally, an underwater “sandboxSubnautica left Early Access, facing the players in all its glory. In this project, anyone can feel like an explorer of a mysterious planet, which almost entirely consists of seas and oceans. However, it is extremely difficult to survive in this dangerous and hostile world – you will need to create improved spacesuits, get useful plants, build bathyscaphes, fight sea monsters, and do many other difficult things. Fortunately, you can make these tasks a little easier for yourself by using cheats and codes for the game.

Moreover, some missions are completely impossible to complete without the Subnautica console commands, as there are still bugs in it that can prevent you from obtaining certain items necessary to complete a specific task. They can only be obtained with the help of the appropriate code. Below is a list of all the commands executed using the console.

Note: Most of the cheats presented here work in the Subnautica: Below Zero add-on.

How to Activate the Console in Subnautica

To activate the console in this game, you can use one of two methods. The first of them involves the following actions:

  1. Activate the game, wait for the level to load, and then press the F3 and F8 keys.
  2. A window will appear in which you need to uncheck the Disable Console option.
  3. Press the “~” key (tilde or letter “E”) to open the console.

Note: If, after opening the debug window, the cursor changed its position, due to which the changes were not counted, then you just need to hold down the mouse button on the window, and then return the cursor to its original place and click on the button again.

Note that the first way does not work on unlicensed versions of the game, so if you have one, then you will need to use the second option:

  1. Click on “Start” and write “regedit” in the search box.
  2. Activate regedit.exe as administrator (right-click and select the appropriate option).
  3. Expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Unknown Worlds> Subnautica branch and find the UWE parameter in it.DisableConsole_h3091019503.
  4. Click on the RMB value, select the “Change” option, and enter “0” in it.

Then just enter the game, press twice on the F3 key, and then turn on the console with “~”. Using the arrows on the keyboard, you can select the previously indicated commands (the system can remember up to two commands).

Basic Commands

Note: Commands must be entered in capital letters. We used capital letters for clarity.

  • ITEM [name] [n] – adds n-number of specified items to inventory
  • SPAWN [name] [n] – creates a creature or object in front of the heroin n-number
  • BIOME [name] – teleport the hero to the specified biome. Use only when in the open world, that is, you cannot teleport from buildings and structures.
  • BLUEPRINT [name] – add the selected drawing to the hero’s PDA
  • FORGET [name] – erases the selected drawing from the PDA
  • GOTO [name] – teleportation of the hero to the selected place
  • GOTO BASE [n] – teleportation of the hero to an abandoned base located on the Floating Island (you can choose a number)
  • GOTO WRECK [n] – teleports the hero to the selected wreck

Note: If there are two words in the name of the object, they must be written in continuous form. For example, ITEM COOKEDPEEPER 10.

Basic Cheats

  • nodamage – the hero stops receiving damage from creatures and the environment, that is, he becomes almost immortal
  • nocost – no need to pay to use a workbench, constructor, and manufacturer
  • oxygen – endless oxygen
  • day – the day comes immediately
  • night – night comes immediately
  • daynightspeed [n] – changes the speed at which day and night change. The default is one.
  • speed [n] – changes the speed of the gameplay flow. The default is one.
  • warp [x] [y] [z] – teleport the hero to the specified coordinates. To determine the coordinates, press the F1 key.
  • warpme – teleportation of the hero to a submarine or base.
  • takedamage [n] – inflicting damage to the heroin n-quantity
  • noshadows – deactivate shadows (improves performance). To activate, you just need to restart the level.
  • nobloom – deactivate bloom (improves performance). To activate, you just need to restart the level.
  • debugsound – reload sound.
  • farplane [n] – changes the view to n-units
  • entreset – reloads all game resources except terrain
  • gamereset – resets received progress to the time when the last save was made
  • sizeref – create a diver
  • spawn – respawn of the hero at a small distance from the previous location (it helps in case of getting stuck in textures)
  • bubbles – creating air bubbles near the hero
  • unlockall – unlock absolutely all blueprints in the game
  • freecam – select a freecam mode (you can change from 1 to 5)
  • radiation – no radiation
  • restoreship – restoring Aurora
  • explodeship – destruction of Aurora
  • entgallery – unlock the entire gallery
  • nitrogen – the effect of decompression sickness appears
  • fasthatch – speeds up the appearance of creatures from eggs
  • goto aurora – teleport the hero to the deck of the Aurora
  • goto genroom – teleport the hero to the room with the Aurora generator
  • fog off / on – activation and deactivation of fog (affects performance)
  • fastbuild – speeds up the construction of structures
  • fastscan – speeds up scanning
  • fastgrow – speeds up plant growth
  • fasthatch – speeds up hatching
  • filterfast – speeds up a water filtration
  • invisible – makes the hero invisible
  • noenergy – endless energy
  • ency [name] – allows you to open the specified record in the database. You need to accurately enter the names of the records without spaces.
  • clearinventory – clears inventory
  • instagib – activates the mode of killing creatures with one hit

Changing the Game Mode

  • freedom – Free
  • survival – Survival
  • hardcore – Hardcore (if the hero dies, you will have to start the game from the very beginning)
  • creative – Creative (no need to worry about oxygen, energy, etc.)

Database – Degazi records

ENCY [name] – allows you to open the specified record in the database

A good example: ency shale outcrops – you will have a post about shale ridges.

ENCY ALL – opens all entries in the game, so you don’t even have to spend time typing them in separately. However, this noticeably reduces interest in independent research of the underwater world.

Degazi survivors

  • ency IslandsPDABase1bDesk – first voice log
  • ency IslandsPDABase1Desk – second voice log
  • ency IslandsPDAExterior – third voice log
  • ency JellyPDABrokenCorridor – fourth voice log
  • ency JellyPDARoom2Locker – 5th Voice Log
  • ency JellyPDARoom2Desk – 6th Voice Magazine
  • ency DeepPDA1 – seventh voice log
  • ency DeepPDA2 – eighth voice log
  • ency DeepPDA3 – ninth voice log
  • ency JellyPDARoom1Desk – Bart Torgal’s first magazine
  • ency JellyPDAObservatory – Bart Torgal’s second journal
  • ency IslandsPDABase1a – Bart Torgal’s third journal
  • ency JellyPDAExterior – Margaret Maida Magazine
  • ency IslandsPDABase1Interior – Paul Torgal’s first magazine
  • ency JellyPDARoom1Locker – Paul Torgal’s second magazine
  • ency DeepPDA4 is Paul Torgal’s third magazine

Database – Alterra records

Search and rescue operation Alterra

  • ency Aurora_Locker_PDA1 – record of additional tasks of the operation
  • ency InnerBiomeWreckLore2 – entry by Bart Torgal
  • ency InnerBiomeWreckLore3 – Margaret Maida’s recording
  • ency InnerBiomeWreckLore1 – Paul Torgal’s entry

Aurora crew survivors

  • ency LifepodCTODialog1 – First Voice Log
  • ency LifepodCTODialog2 – second voice log
  • ency LifepodCTOLog1 – Yuu’s first magazine
  • ency LifepodCTOLog2 – Yuu’s second magazine
  • ency LifepodKeenLog – recording of Keane’s address to the crew
  • ency LifepodKeenDialog – Keen’s Emergency Entry

Operation diaries

  • ency InnerBiomeWreckLore7 – voice recording of the scan room
  • ency Aurora_RingRoom_Terminal1 – information about rescue pods
  • ency Aurora_DriveRoom_Terminal1 – information from the ship’s black box
  • ency Aurora_Living_Area_PDA3 – front galley surveillance recording
  • ency OuterBiomeWreckLore9 – First Rest Deck Observation Record
  • ency OuterBiomeWreckLore4 – second rest deck observation record
  • ency OuterBiomeWreckLore1 – BP device diary
  • ency Aurora_Cargo_PDA1 – ship’s engineering drone usage log
  • ency OuterBiomeWreckLore10 – earnings planning record
  • ency MetalSalvage – Scattered Debris Record
  • ency Aurora_RingRoom_Terminal3 – recording with the latest broadcasts
  • ency Aurora_Living_Area_PDA2b * – a record of the contract about the relationship

Database – Predecessor Records

  • ency Precursor_LostRiverBase_DataDownload1 – Bio Research Support Center
  • ency Precursor_LavaCastleBase_ThermalPlant – Alien Thermal Power Plant
  • ency Precursor_LostRiverBase_DataDownload3 – damage received report
  • ency Precursor_Gun_DataDownload2 – translation of the control panel over the first weapon
  • ency Precursor_Gun_DataDownload1 – translation of the terminal of the first gun
  • ency Precursor_LostRiverBase_DataDownload2 – profile of the studied bacteria
  • ency Precursor_LostRiverBase_DataDownload4 – infection results



  • item titaniumingot [n] – adds n-quantity titanium ingots
  • item silicone [n] – adds n-quantity of silicone rubber
  • item glass [n] – adds n-quantity glass
  • item bleach [n] – adds n-quantity of antiseptic
  • magnesium item [n] – adds n-amount magnesium
  • item lead [n] – adds n-number of lead
  • item enameledglass [n] – adds n-quantity enameled glass
  • item plasteelingot [n] – adds n-quantity plasteelingot
  • item lubricant [n] – adds n-quantity lubricant


  • item hydrochloricacid [n] – adds n-amount of hydrochloric acid
  • item benzene [n] – adds n-quantity of benzene
  • item aramidfibers [n] – adds n-quantity synthetic fibers
  • item aerogel [n] – adds n-amount of airtel
  • item polyaniline [n] – adds n-amount of polyaniline
  • item graphene [n] – adds n-quantity of graphene
  • item uranium [n] – adds n-quantity of uranium
  • item precursorioncrystal [n] – adds n-number of ionic crystals
  • item aluminumoxide [n] – adds n-amount crystals of aluminum oxide (rubies)
  • item uraninitecrystal [n] – adds n-quantity crystals of uranium crust
  • item acid [n] – adds n-number of amino acids
  • item bloodoil [n] – adds n-quantity of blood oil
  • item kyanite [n] – adds n-quantity of kyanite

Electronic parts

  • item copperwire [n] – adds n-quantity copper wire
  • item battery [n] – adds n-number of batteries
  • item lithiumionbattery [n] – adds n-number of lithium-ion batteries
  • item powercell [n] – adds n-number of power cells
  • item computerchip [n] – adds n-number of computer chips
  • item wiringkit [n] – adds n-number of sets of wires
  • item advancedwiringKit [n] – adds n-number of extended wiring kits
  • item nanowires [n] – adds n-number of nanowires
  • item reactorrod [n] – adds n-number of reactor rods


  • item copper [n] – adds n-quantity copper ore
  • item salt [n] – adds n-number of salt crystals
  • item quartz [n] – adds n-quantity of quartz
  • item titanium [n] – adds n-amount titanium
  • item silver [n] – adds n-quantity of silver ore
  • item gold [n] – adds n-amount of gold
  • item lithium [n] – adds n-quantity of lithium
  • item diamond [n] – adds n-number of diamonds
  • item scrapmetal [n] – adds n-quantity of scrap metal
  • item stalkertooth [n] – adds n-number of stalker teeth
  • item acidmushroom [n] – adds n-number of acid mushrooms
  • item coralchunk [n] – adds n samples of regular coral
  • item jeweleddiskpiece [n] – adds n-number of coral slab samples
  • item kooshchunk [n] – adds n-number of kooshchunk samples
  • item treemushroompiece [n] – adds n-number of mushroom samples
  • item treemushroom [n] – adds n-number of mushroom trees
  • item bloodoil [n] – adds n-quantity of oil juice
  • item mercuryore [n] – adds n-quantity of mercury ore
  • item sulfur [n] – adds n-quantity of sulfur
  • item opalgem [n] – adds n-number of Opal gems
  • item sandloot [n] – adds n-quantity of sand
  • item limestonechunk [n] – adds n-number limestone overhangs
  • item sandstonechunk [n] – adds n-number of sandstone ridges
  • item basaltchunk [n] – adds n-number of basalt protrusions
  • item shalechunk [n] – adds n-number shale overhangs
  • item obsidianchunk [n] – adds n-number of obsidian bulges
  • item gaspod [n] – adds n-number of gas follicles
  • item crashpowder [n] – adds n-number of kamikaze pollen
  • item coralchunk [n] – adds n-number of coral samples
  • item coralshellplate [n] – adds n-number of plate corals
  • item creepvineseedcluster [n] – adds n-number of algae seed clusters
  • item whitemushroom [n] – adds n-number deep white mushrooms
  • item floater [n] – adds n-number of floats
  • item lodestone [n] – adds n-quantity of magnetic iron ore
  • item magnetite [n] – adds n-quantity magnetite
  • item nutrientblock [n] – adds n-number nutrient blocks (bars)
  • item coralsample [n] – adds n samples of regular coral
  • item hatchingenzymes [n] – adds n-number of incubation enzymes


BIOME [name] – teleport the hero to the specified biome. Once again, we remind you that you can only teleport from the open world.

Main locations

  • biome SafeShallows – Instant teleportation to Safe Shoals
  • biome KelpForest – instant teleportation to Algae forests
  • biome GrassyPlateaus – Instant teleportation to the Grassy Plateau
  • biome MushroomForest – Instant teleportation to the Mushroom Forest
  • biome KooshZone – instant teleportation to the “Kush” zone
  • biome Floatingisland – instant teleportation to the Floating Island
  • biome Mountains – instant teleportation to the Mountains
  • biome MountainIsland – instant teleportation to the Mountain Island
  • biome Dunes – instant teleportation to the Sand Dunes
  • biome SparseReef – Instant teleportation to Rare Reef
  • biome GrandReef – instant teleportation to the Great Reef
  • biome UnderwaterIslands – Instant teleportation to the Underwater Islands
  • biome Blood KelpZone – instant teleportation to the Zone of bloody algae
  • biome SeaTreader’sPath – instant teleportation to the Path of Sea Walkers
  • biome LostRiver – instant teleportation to the Lost River

Cave zones

  • biome JellyShroomCaves – instant teleportation to the Jellyfish Caves
  • biome SafeShallowsCaves – Instant teleportation to the SafeShallows Caves
  • biome KooshZoneCaves – instant teleportation to the Caves of the “Kush” zone
  • biome KelpForestCaves – instant teleportation to the Caves of the Kelp Forest
  • biome TigerPlantCaves – Instant teleportation to the Caverns of Thorns
  • biome OvergrownCaves – instant teleport to Overgrown caves
  • biome DeepGrandReef – instant teleportation to the Mushroom Forest Caves
  • biome MountainRangeCaves – Instant teleportation to Mountain Caves
  • biome BloodKelpCaves – Instant teleportation to Blood Algae Caves
  • biome CavesofSeaTreader’sPath – Instant teleportation to Sea Walker’s Path Caves

Dangerous biomes

  • biome InactiveLavaZone – instant teleport to Inactive lava zone
  • biome ActiveLavaZone – instant teleportation to the active lava zone
  • biome PrimaryResearchFacility – instant teleportation to the Main Research Center



  • item FilteredWater [n] – adds n-quantity of filtered water
  • item DisinfectedWater [n] – adds n-quantity of disinfected water
  • item StillsuitWater [n] – adds n-quantity of purified water

Ready meal

  • item CookedSpadefish [n] – adds n-number of ready-made spadefish
  • item CookedBladderfish [n] – adds n-number of ready-made bubbles
  • item CookedBoomerang [n] – adds n-number of ready-made boomerangs
  • item CookedEyeye [n] – adds n-number of ready-made eyes
  • item CookedGarryfish [n] – adds n-number of cooked Garry fish
  • item CookedHolefish [n] – adds n-number of ready-made holefish
  • item CookedHoverfish [n] – adds n-number of ready-made flying squirrels
  • item CookedOculus [n] – adds n-number of finished oculus
  • item CookedPeeper [n] – adds n-number of ready peepers
  • item CookedReginald [n] – adds n-number of ready-made Reginald
  • item CookedHoopfish [n] – adds n-ready hoopfish

Canned food

  • item CuredSpadefish [n] – adds n-number of salted spadefish
  • item CuredBladderfish [n] – adds n-number of salt bubbles
  • item CuredBoomerang [n] – adds n-number of salted boomerangs
  • item CuredEyeye [n] – adds n-number of salty eyes
  • item CuredGarryfish [n] – adds n-number of salted Garry fish
  • item CuredHolefish [n] – adds n-number of salted holefish
  • item CuredHoverfish [n] – adds n-number of salted flying squirrels
  • item CuredOculus [n] – adds n-number of salty oculus
  • item CuredPeeper [n] – adds n-number of salty peepers
  • item CuredReginald [n] – adds n-number of salty Reginald
  • item CuredHoopfish [n] – adds n-number of salt ringlets

Personal items


  • item Tank [n] – adds n-quantity oxygen tanks
  • item highcapacitytank [n] – adds n-number of high capacity tanks
  • item Fins [n] – adds n-number of fins
  • item ultraglidefins [n] – adds n-number of ultra-slippery fins
  • item swimchargefins [n] – adds n-number of fins charging
  • item RadiationSuit [n] – adds anti-traditional suits in n-quantity
  • item RadiationHelmet [n] – adds n-number of anti-traditional helmets
  • item RadiationGloves [n] – adds n-quantity anti-traditional gloves
  • item Stillsuit [n] – adds n-number of distillation suits
  • item First Aid Kit – adds a first aid kit (not working yet)
  • item Rebreather [n] – adds n-number of rebreathers
  • item Pipe [n] – adds n-number of pipes
  • item Compass [n] – adds n-number of compasses
  • item Thermometer [n] – adds n-number of thermometers
  • item DiveSuit [n] – adds n-number of diving suits


  • item scanner [n] – adds n-number of scanners
  • item Flashlight [n] – adds n-number of flashlights
  • item ledlight [n] – adds n-number of led lights
  • item Knife [n] – adds n-number of knives
  • item diamondblade [n] – adds n-quantity hardened knives
  • item heatblade [n] – adds n-number of thermal blades
  • item Divereel [n] – adds n-number of driver coils
  • item Airbladder [n] – adds n-number of air bubbles
  • item Flare [n] – adds n-number of signal flares
  • item Builder [n] – adds n-number of builders
  • item Welder [n] – adds n-number of repair tools
  • item StasisRifle [n] – adds n-amount stasis of the rifle
  • item Terraformer [n] – adds n-number of terraformers
  • item Transfuser [n] – adds n-number of DNA transmitters
  • item lasercutter [n] – adds n-number of laser cutters
  • item propulsioncannon [n] – adds n-number of propulsion cannons
  • item beacon – adds a beacon to inventory


  • item Seamoth [n] – adds n-number of “Moths”
  • item SubCyclops [n] – adds n-number of “Cyclops”
  • item Exosuit [n] – adds n-number “Crab”

Schemes (drawings)

  • unlock accumulator – allows you to open the battery
  • unlock specimenanalyzer – allows you to open the specimen analyzer
  • unlock medicalcabinet – allows you to open a first aid kit
  • unlock bioreactor – allows you to open the bioreactor
  • unlock basewaterpark – allows you to open a large aquarium
  • unlock whirlpooltorpedo – allows you to open a whirlpool torpedo
  • unlock planterbox – allows you to open an inner garden
  • unlock basefiltrationmachine – allows you to open the water treatment plant vunlock gastorpedo – allows you to open the gas torpedo “Motylka”
  • unlock planterpot, unlock planterpot2, unlock planterpot3 – allows you to open plant pots unlock transfuser – allows you to open a DNA transmitter
  • unlock stillsuit – allows you to open the distillation suit
  • unlock maproomcamera – allows you to open the drone camera
  • unlock baseplanter – allows you to open a live wall
  • unlock BatteryCharger – allows you to open the battery charger
  • unlock PowerCellCharger – allows you to open the power cell charger
  • unlock pictureframe – allows you to open a picture frame
  • unlock tank – allows you to open the oxygen tank
  • unlock basemaproom – allows you to open the scan room
  • unlock vehiclehullmodule2 – allows you to open the pressure compensator Mk.2
  • unlock vehiclehullmodule3 – allows you to open the Mk.3 pressure compensator
  • unlock vehiclehullmodule1 – allows you to open the pressure compensator
  • unlock lithiumionbattery – allows you to unlock the lithiumion battery
  • unlock baseroom – allows you to open a multipurpose room
  • unlock baseupgradeconsole – allows you to open a vehicle modification station
  • unlock workbench – allows you to open the modification station
  • unlock cyclopshullmodule2 – allows you to unlock the ultra-strong hull reinforcement module
  • unlock seaglide – allows you to open the sea glider
  • unlock seamoth – allows you to open the “Moth”
  • unlock farmingtray – allows you to open an outdoor garden
  • unlock baseobservatory – allows you to open an observatory
  • unlock basebulkhead – allows you to open the bulkhead
  • unlock constructor – allows you to open Portable Transport Assembler
  • unlock spotlight – allows you to open the spotlight
  • unlock techlight – allows you to open the spotlight
  • unlock radio – allows you to open the radio
  • unlock repulsioncannon – allows you to open a repulsion cannon
  • unlock ledlight – allows you to open the led light
  • unlock FiberMesh – allows you to open mesh fiber
  • unlock solarpanel – allows you to open the solar panel
  • unlock stasisrifle – allows you to open the Stasis Rifle
  • unlock plantershelf – allows you to open the plant rack
  • unlock reactorrod – allows you to open the reactor rod
  • unlock starshipdesk – allows you to open a table
  • unlock starshipchair – allows you to open the chair
  • unlock starshipchair2 – allows you to open the second chair
  • unlock starshipchair3 – allows you to open the third chair
  • unlock basemoonpool – allows you to open the docking shaft
  • unlock thermalplant – allows you to open a thermal power plant
  • unlock terraformer – allows you to open the terraformer
  • unlock maproomupgradescanrange – allows you to unlock an improvement in scan range
  • unlock maproomupgradescanspeed – allows you to unlock the scan speed improvement
  • unlock reinforceddivesuit – allows you to open a reinforced dive suit
  • unlock maproomhudchip – allows you to open the scan room interface chip
  • unlock exosuit – allows you to open the exoskeleton
  • unlock powertransmitter – allows you to open the powertransmitter
  • unlock nuclearreactor + – allows you to open a nuclear reactor


  • unlock exosuitdrillarmmodule – allows you to open the drill of the “Crab” suit
  • unlock exosuitclawarmmodule (prawnsuitmodule) – allows you to open the claw of the “Crab” suit
  • unlock exosuitgrapplingarmmodule – allows you to open the hook of the “Crab” suit
  • unlock exosuitpropulsionarmmodule – allows you to open the “Crab” suit’s propulsion cannon
  • unlock exosuitthermalreactormodule – allows you to open the thermal reactor of the “Crab” suit
  • unlock exosuittorpedoarmmodule – allows you to open the torpedo compartment of the “Crab” suit
  • unlock exosuitjetupgrademodule + – allows you to open the upgrade of the jetpack of the “Crab” suit


  • unlock RocketBase – allows you to open a rocket launch pad
  • unlock RocketBaseLadder – allows you to open the rocket ladder
  • unlock RocketStage1 – allows you to open the first stage of the rocket
  • unlock RocketStage2 – allows you to open the second stage of the rocket
  • unlock RocketStage3 + – allows you to unlock the third stage of the rocket
  • unlock starshipcircuitbox – allows you to open a junction box
  • unlock starshipmonitor – allows you to open the monitor


  • unlock bartable – allows you to open a bar table
  • unlock bed1, unlock bed2 – allows you to open the bed
  • unlock labcounter – allows you to open the lab rack
  • unlock labtrashcan – allows you to open a lab trashcan
  • unlock singlewallshelf – allows you to open the wall shelf
  • unlock wallshelves – allows you to open wall shelves
  • unlock vendingmachine – allows you to open a vending machine
  • unlock narrowbed – allows you to open a narrow bed
  • unlock trashcans + – allows you to open trashcans


  • unlock aerogel – allows you to open the airgel
  • unlock whitemushroom – allows you to open a deep sea mushroom
  • unlock graphene – allows you to open graphene
  • unlock magnetite – allows you to open magnetite
  • unlock powerglide – allows you to open a powerful glider
  • unlock nanowires – allows you to open nanowires
  • unlock creepvinepiece – allows you to open the algae sample
  • unlock processuranium – allows you to open uranium processing
  • unlock polyaniline – allows you to unlock polyaniline
  • unlock creepvineseedcluster – allows you to open a bunch of algae seeds
  • unlock lubricant – allows you to open the lubricant
  • unlock hydrochloricacid – allows you to open hydrochloric acid
  • unlock titanium – allows you to unlock titanium
  • unlock titaniumingot + – allows you to open a titanium ingot


  • unlock hullreinforcementmodule – allows you to open the Cyclops pressure compensator
  • unlock hullreinforcementmodule2 – allows you to open the hull reinforcement module (Carapace)
  • unlock hullreinforcementmodule3 + – allows you to open the hull reinforcement module (Cartilage carapace)
  • unlock cyclopsengine – allows you to open the Cyclops engine
  • unlock cyclopshullmodule1 – allows you to open the Cyclops pressure compensator
  • unlock cyclopshull – allows you to open the Cyclops body
  • unlock cyclopsbridge – allows you to open the Cyclops bridge
  • unlock cyclops – allows you to open the Cyclops
  • lock [name] – allows you to forget the selected drawing

Improvements (upgrades)

  • item basefiltrationmachinefragment – receiving water treatment plant
  • spawn basewaterparkfragment – getting a large aquarium
  • spawn bioreactorfragment – obtaining a bioreactor
  • spawn basebulkheadfragment – getting the partition

Elements of the “Cyclops”

  • spawn cyclopsbridgefragment – getting a cyclops bridge
  • spawn cyclopsdockingbayfragment – getting a cyclops docking shaft
  • spawn cyclopsenginefragment – get cyclops engine
  • spawn cyclopshullfragment – getting a cyclops body
  • spawn reinforcehullfragment – getting a cyclops pressure compensator


  • spawn exosuitfragment – getting an exoskeleton
  • spawn ledlight – getting a led light
  • spawn constructorfragment – get a portable transport collector
  • spawn workbenchfragment – getting a modification station
  • spawn moonpoolfragment – getting a docking shaft
  • spawn baseroomfragment – getting a multipurpose room
  • spawn nuclearreactorfragment – obtaining a nuclear reactor
  • spawn powertransmitterfragment – getting a powertransmitter
  • spawn propulsioncannonfragment – getting a gravity cannon
  • spawn scannerroomfragment – get the scan room
  • spawn seaglidefragment – getting a sea glider
  • spawn baseupgradeconsolefragment – get a moth modification station
  • spawn seamothfragment – getting a moth
  • spawn solarpanelfragment – getting a solar panel
  • spawn specimenanalyzerfragment – obtaining a specimen analyzer
  • spawn stasisriflefragment – getting stasis of a rifle
  • spawn terraformerfragment – getting a terraformer
  • spawn thermalplantfragment – receiving thermal power plant
  • spawn transfuserfragment – getting a DNA transmitter
  • spawn powercellchargerfragment – getting a power cell charger
  • spawn batterychargerfragment – receiving battery charger

Elements of the “Crab”

  • spawn exosuitpropulsionarmfragment – obtaining the “Crab” propulsion cannon
  • spawn exosuitgrapplingarmfragment – getting the capture of the “Crab”
  • spawn exosuitdrillarmfragment – getting the “Crab” drill
  • spawn exosuittorpedoarmfragment – getting the “Crab” torpedo compartment
  • item exosuitclawarmmodule (prawnsuitfragment) – getting the “Crab” claw

Creature eggs

  • AmpeelEgg – Shocker Egg
  • BonesharkEgg – Bone Shark Egg
  • CrabsnakeEgg – Jumper Egg
  • CrashfishEgg – Kamikaze Egg
  • GasopodEgg – Gasbelly egg
  • JellyrayEgg – Jellyfish Egg
  • MesmerEgg – Hypnotist Egg
  • RabbitRayEgg – Coward Ray Egg
  • SandSharkEgg – Sand Shark Egg
  • ShuttlebugEgg – Shell Beetle Egg
  • reefbackegg 1 – reefbackegg egg
  • StalkerEgg – Stalker’s egg
  • cutefishegg – egg weasel
  • crabsquidegg – Squid Crab Egg
  • lavalizardegg – Lava lizard egg
  • crabsnakeegg – Crab Snake Egg


We advise you to pay special attention to farming in the game, since thanks to it you can grow a wide variety of plants that can perform many functions, ranging from decorative to satisfying the hunger of the protagonist.


  • item PurpleVegetable [n] – adds n-quantity Chinese potatoes
  • item HangingFruit [n] – adds n-number of lampion trees
  • item MelonSeed [n] – adds n-number of marble melons
  • item BulboTreePiece [n] – adds n-number of bulb trees
  • item kooshchunk [n] – adds n-number of bulbous bushes
  • item JellyPlant [n] – adds n-number of gel bags

For decorations

They can be used to decorate rooms or obtain energy by processing them in a bioreactor.

  • item PinkFlowerSeed [n] – adds n-number of voxel bushes
  • item PinkMushroomSpore [n] – adds n-number of pink mushrooms
  • item PurpleRattleSpore [n] – adds n-number of spotted rattles
  • item OrangeMushroomSpore [n] – adds n-number of Jaffa Bowls
  • item FernPalmSeed [n] – adds n-number of fern palms
  • item PurpleVasePlantSeed [n] – adds n-number of plants Min
  • item OrangePetalsPlantSeed [n] – adds n-number baskets
  • item PurpleFanSeed [n] – adds n-number of veined nettles
  • item PurpleTentacleSeed [n] – adds n-quantity of climbing algae
  • item MembrainTreeSeed [n] – adds n-number of membrane trees
  • item RedGreenTentacleSeed [n] – adds n-number of ghostly algae
  • item SnakeMushroomSpore [n] – adds n-number of jellyfish mushrooms
  • item GabesFeatherSeed [n] – adds n-number of Gabes feathers


  • item AcidMushroomSpore [n] – adds n-number of acid mushrooms
  • item WhiteMushroomSpore [n] – adds n-number of deep mushrooms
  • item creepvineseedcluster [n] – adds n-amount of algae
  • item bloodoil [n] – adds n-quantity of oil algae


  • precursorkeys – gives the hero all the keys of the aliens (precursors) to get all the keys of the precursors.
  • item seacrownseed – adds the Sea Crown to the hero’s inventory
  • item coffeevendingmachine – adds a coffee vending machine

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