Stellaris Cheats: Codes, Console Commands for the Game

A large and dedicated community of fans has quickly formed around the global space strategy Stellaris, appreciating the interesting gameplay with a deep bias in the economy and multiple random events that make each game session truly original and unique.

In addition, the developers left the players the opportunity to use cheats, which opened up even more room for experimentation and the ability to quickly create various custom scenarios.

To enter any of the commands described below, you must press the tilde (~) key on your keyboard. The changes are confirmed by pressing Enter. Please note – cheats work in all modes, except for “Steel Will”.

Essential cheats for Stellaris

The teams from this list will allow you to change the rules of the game, gain an advantage over the enemy, or, conversely, significantly complicate your task.

Cash [value] – Adds energy credits (Stellaris game currency). If you do not specify a number next to the parameter, 5000 credits will be automatically credited.

Minerals, influence, society, engineering, physics [meaning] – Each of the five designated commands, written together with a numerical parameter, add a certain type of resource (minerals, influence points, social, engineering, physical research points).

Invincible – Makes your fleet invulnerable.

Own – Capture the highlighted planet. Also applicable to ships and colonies.

free_government – Instant implementation of state reforms.

free_policies – All laws are applied instantly.

tag [id] – Selection of the indicated fraction as a controlled one.

instant_build – Ships and buildings are built instantly (entering a cheat affects not only your ability to build but also computer opponents).

research_technologies – Entering this command allows you to explore all available technologies.

debug_yesmen – Makes the probability of success in diplomatic negotiations one hundred percent.

planet_size [numeric value] – Fill the selected planet with settlements (the value must be selected in the range from 0 to 25).

free_government – Change of the form of government.

contact – Discovery of all possible civilizations.

damage [numerical value] – Dealing specific damage to the selected ship.

survey – Instant and complete exploration of all planets.

skills 5 – All leaders immediately get the maximum level. Accordingly, instead of the number 5, you can put other values ​​(from one and above).

finish_research – Completion of all research initiated so far.

populate – Populating all slots of the selected planet.

ftl – Jumping along with the specified coordinates. The destination can be absolutely any point in the galaxy.

terraforming_resources [numeric value] – The selected planet will receive additional resources for terraforming.

attackallfleets – Chaos mode. The ships of your fleet begin to attack any possible enemies and their allies.

democratic_election – Initiation of new elections.

Additional cheats for Stellaris

Most of these commands are more suitable for all sorts of experiments, as they can introduce a strong imbalance in the gameplay.

Advanced_galaxy – Lets you start playing in Advanced Galaxy (2400). Each empire receives advanced technology, colonies, and a fleet.

Ai – Enables and disables, if re-entered, the artificial intelligence of computer opponents.

Berserk_Ai – The aggressiveness of computer opponents reaches the maximum tenth level.

Communications [Empire ID] – Enables or disables the ability to communicate with the specified empire.

Control [Planet ID] – Allows you to take control of the specified planet. If you are not at war with the current owner of the planet, the changes will be instantly reversed.

Democratic_election – Initiates the procedure for the democratic election of the commander. A similar “Election” command allows you to start regular elections.

Event [event ID] [target ID] – Allows you to start a player-specified event at a specific location.

Fast_forward [number] – A command to fast forward a specified number of days.

Mature_galaxy – A simulation of a century-old galaxy.

Max_resources – Maximum filling of all storages with resources.

Peace_on_player [country id] – The specified country makes peace with the player’s faction. A similar command “War_on_player”, on the contrary, makes all other empires aggressive towards you.

Planets – Allows you to get information on all types of planets and their number in the game world.

Random_ruler – The current ruler is instantly replaced with a random one.

Reverse_diplo [offer ID] [Sender faction ID] – Allows you to send a diplomatic offer from the specified faction to your address.

Techupdate – Recreates the player’s tech tree.

Strategic resources

These identifiers are used with the command planet_resource [ID] [number] and allow you to generate the required amount of strategic resources on the specified planet.

sr_terraform_gases Terraforming gas
sr_terraform_liquids Terraforming substance
sr_garanthium Guaranteed ore ID
sr_lythuric Lithuric gases
sr_teldar Crystal Teldar ID
sr_yuranic Crystal Jurantic ID
sr_orillium Orillium ore
sr_pitharan Pitarian Dust ID
sr_engos Engos evaporation
sr_neutronium Neutronium ores
sr_living_metal Living metals
sr_zro Zero
sr_dark_matter Dark Matter ID
sr_satramene Satramen Gas ID
sr_alien_pets Alien pet ID
sr_betharian Betarian stones
sr_riggan Rigan spices
sr_xuran Xuragel identifier
sr_muutagan Muutagan Crystals

Ship IDs (command “add_ship [ship ID]” to create)

Seeker – Alien corvette
Starfang – Alien Destroyer
Persistent – Large alien destroyer
Sword – Alien cruiser
Divine glory – Cultist Warship
Diaspora – Ark of nomads
Protector – Destroyer of nomads
Nomad Cruiser – Nomad cruiser
Cloud entity – Void cloud
Corsair – Pirate Destroyer
Black earl – Pirate cruiser
Pirate galleon – Old defender
Ancient mining drone – Mining drone
Ancient combat drone – Mining drone corvette
Ancient destroyer – Mining drone destroyer
Guardian – Guardian Zan
DS47 – Space sensor
Space station – Primitive space station
Sentry – Sensor station
Vigil – Watch station
Crystal nidus – Crystal prism
Drone Home Base – Home base for ore processing
The matriarch – Matriarch
Grand dragon – Ethereal dragon
Dragonspawn – Young Ethereal Dragon
Stellarite – Stellarite
Dimensional horror – Dimensional Horror
Hive asteroid – Asteroid hive
Void dwelling – Desert Marauder dwelling


Listed here are the console commands that allow you to initiate a series of in-game events/scenarios that usually occur on the map under certain conditions or randomly. There are several categories of events in the game, for two of them you need to additionally select a goal. For colony it is a planet, for the anomaly, it is a ship.

advisor.1 – Inclusion of the training script.
crisis.10 – Launch a chain of events with the invasion of the Praetorians into the perimeter of your galaxy.
crisis.207 – Receiving a 28K Praetorian fleet.
guardian. 2014 – Destruction of the Ghost. Gain a permanent empire modifier to physics research speed, energy weapon damage bonus, and energy credits output.
crisis.71– Receiving a fleet from destroyers from the guards.
crisis.61 – Received from the guards of a mixed fleet, numbering ships of different types.
crisis.60 – A large fleet of random guard ships.
crisis.1000 – Initiates a hunter invasion event.
crisis.2191 – Synthetic Uprising Event.
anomaly.95 – The launch of the Voyager 1 space mission. Possible only if there is humanity in the galaxy.
anomaly.3085 – Anomaly Prince. The event allows you to receive minor, but permanent diplomatic bonuses.
anomaly.168 – Anomaly Old Gods. Various awards can be selected, including a change in the ethics of Spiritualists.
anomaly.5001 – Signal from the gas giant. An opportunity to establish contact with the civilization of the gas giant.
unrest. 4200 – The specified population of the planet is rebelling and trying to secede. Can be used on planets controlled by other empires.
colony.2005 – Submerged cruiser. You can choose between unlocking technology and a permanent dodge modifier.
anomaly.4075 – Strength from small places. It will be possible to choose between unlocking the permanent empire credits modifier and technical improvement.
anomaly.605 – Warp clash. The spaceship crashed into the asteroid, forming a crater on the surface. You can get resources for physics research.

Traits and ethics

Ethics are added by the add_ethic_pop command along with one of the identifiers from the list below.

ethic_collectivist – Collectivism
ethic_xenophile – Xenophilia
ethic_militarist – Militarism
ethic_materialist – Materialism
ethic_individualist – Individualism
ethic_xenophobe – Xenophobia
ethic_pacifist – Pacifism
ethic_spiritualist – Spiritualism
ethic_fanatic_collectivist – Fanatical collectivism
ethic_fanatic_xenophile – Fanatical xenophilia
ethic_fanatic_militarist – Fanatical militarism
ethic_fanatic_materialist – Fanatical materialism
ethic_fanatic_individualist – Fanatical individualism
ethic_fanatic_xenophobe – Fanatical xenophobia
ethic_fanatic_pacifist – Fanatical pacifism
ethic_fanatic_spiritualist – Fanatical Spiritualism

The following commands are written as-is. It is enough to open the console and copy / enter the command from the left column.

event pretender.1 – Assassination of a national leader
event leader.5 – Adding the “Cunning” trait to the admiral
event leader.6 – Adding the “Aggressive” trait
event leader.7 – Adding the “Unbending” trait
event leader.8 – Adding the “Unstoppable” trait

Graphical and system settings, commands for debugging

This list of console commands does not affect the gameplay, but it can be useful for those who want to fine-tune the game, its interface, eliminate some bugs or optimize performance.

Fullscreen – Expand the game to full screen. Re-entering the command allows you to activate windowed mode.
Goto [X] [Y] – Moves the camera to the specified position along the two coordinates specified by the player.
Guibounds – The command displays the borders of GUI elements.
Hdr – Enable / disable HDR.
Info – Shows debugging information.
Lockcamera – The command fixes the camera at the current position.
Nomouse – Disables/enables mouse wheel control.
Observe – The player switches to spectator mode. The “play x” command allows you to go back and start playing after exiting the watch mode.
Particle_editor – Provides access to the particle editor.
Scaling – Enables or disables scaling of in-game objects.
Smooth – Frame rate smoothing control. Reapplying will undo the changes.
Version – Displays the current version of the game client.
Volume [numerical value] – Adjusting the volume of the game through the console.

In addition to the above console commands, to gain advantages in the gameplay or to complicate it, you can use trainers, of which there are a lot on the Internet. Some of them open access to an unlimited number of resources, others allow faster research and immediate access to technological developments. In general, there are quite a few options.

Trainers are usually focused on a specific version of the game, so it is recommended to enter the “version” command in the console before downloading.

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Stellaris Cheats: Codes, Console Commands for the Game
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