Marvel Universe: In Which Order to Watch Movies and TV shows?

Confused in the Marvel Universe? Trying to figure out what order to watch the Avengers and other parts of the films? Here is the correct chronology!

Superhero comics are famous for their very complicated stories and a huge number of characters. And in the Marvel cinematic universe, there are not much fewer heroes and villains. All of them interact with each other in one way or another, which is why the audience of fans of the franchise is constantly confused in all these numerous sequels, prequels, spin-offs, and large-scale crossovers. Before Avengers: Endgame (which, in fact, is not a full-fledged ending of the story – only an intermediate one), more than a dozen films have been released, as well as related series.

Of course, it is quite logical to assume that the Endgame comes after the Infinity War that preceded it, where at the click of the supervillain Thanos, half of the living creatures in the universe were erased from reality. Anyway, films can be watched by their release dates, starting with the 2008 release of the Iron Man universe. But do not rush to conclusions, the release dates have nothing to do with chronology and often even contradict it. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the really correct viewing sequence. Watching movies in this order, you will learn about the characters and you will not pick up random spoilers.

In what order to watch Marvel movies

First Part

Marvel Universe

Seven of the films from this group reveal the backstories of key characters, ending with an epic crossover, where most of them will act as a team to defeat the mega-evil.

“The First Avenger” – Localizers called Captain America the first avenger for a reason. Not only because of the name that is not too euphonious for the domestic patriotic audience, but also because of the venerable age of the character, whose activity in the fight against villains began during the Second World War.

Captain Marvel is the film about the first female superhero to receive a solo solo album in the MCU. At the moment, Carol Danvers is believed to be the strongest superhero in the franchise, but her potential has not yet been revealed. The film also details the SHIELD organization and its leaders.

“Iron Man” is the story of the formation of the genius engineer and inventor Tony Stark as the notorious Iron Man, the first creation of a suit and the battle with the first villain.

Marvel Universe

Iron Man 2 is the sequel to Iron Man, in which he confronts a Russian cranberry villain. Except for a few moments, Marvel does not have much influence on what is happening in the universe.

“The Incredible Hulk” – scientist Bruce Banner got the opportunity to turn into a giant green monster but has difficulty controlling his aggression. Remarkably, the studio had a falling out with the leading actor Edward Norton and in subsequent films replaced him with Mark Ruffalo.

“Thor” – a young god of thunder (or a representative of an advanced alien race, which is more true) Thor has to visit the earth with an important mission and even get acquainted with many of its inhabitants.

The Avengers is the first large-scale crossover featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and a number of other comic book characters. Thor’s evil brother Loki attacked the earth in order to capture it, bringing with him a whole horde of evil aliens.

Second Part

Marvel Universe

“Iron Man 3” – after the finale of the Avengers, Tony Stark’s company is attacked by a powerful new enemy who calls himself Mandarin. Iron Man will have to prove that he is worth something without his advanced suit.

“Thor 2: The Realm of Darkness” – the awakened Dark Elves threaten not only the world of Thor Azgard but also the Earth. The hero has no choice but to go back.

Captain Steve Rogers is a modern-day adventure inspired by various political conspiracy thrillers and conspiracy theories. Black Widow and Nick Fury will appear as minor characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a great movie to watch even for non-comic book fans. The story of Star-Lord and his team of aliens does not touch on superheroes in any way, but rather resembles space fantasy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Part 2 “- the sequel of the Guardians, in which Peter Quill meets his real father Ego, but as usual everything does not end as rosy as it began.

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” – the old team of the Avengers gathers again to fight back a powerful new evil that arose through the fault of one of them. Also in the film, a couple more characters with unique abilities are added to them.

“Ant-Man” – a petty criminal gets at his disposal a suit that allows him to significantly decrease and increase in size. Of course, he ultimately decides to use it for good deeds.

The Third Part

Marvel Universe

Captain America: Civil War – The Age of Ultron events have shown that so-called superheroes can pose a threat to humans and need government control. The opinions of Captain America and Iron Man on this issue were divided, which caused a split in the superhero collective.

“Black Panther” is a sensational film about an African hero and his struggle for the throne of the ruler of the fictional state of Wakanda. Represents the typical formation of a comic book character, but since Black Panther still appears in the sequels, it is worth getting to know him.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a spin-off story about Peter Parker. Since the character has already received his story more than once in other films not related to KVM, the filmmakers decided not to shoot the same thing again. In the film, Spider-Man, although a schoolboy, is already showing his potential as a fighter against evil.

Doctor Strange is the story of a talented surgeon who, due to his passion for extreme sports, could no longer operate and retrained into an equally skillful magician.

“Thor: Ragnarok” – the action of the third Thor mostly takes place far from Earth, and the alien hero will be accompanied by the Hulk and a powerful antagonist who has put the entire Azgard in danger of extinction.

Avengers: Infinity War – Titan Thanos and his powerful minions have attacked the earth, so the updated team of Avengers, to which the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Winter Soldier, and other heroes have been added, will have to do everything possible to stop him.

“Ant-Man and the Wasp” – experiments with quantum measurements have their consequences, because of which new evil comes out. The Ant alone cannot stop him, so his girlfriend also decides to wear a similar costume.

“Avengers: Endgame” is a continuation of the story of Thanos, which sums up a kind of summary of all the previously released films. In the opinion of many, the film turned out to be gloomy, a little drawn out, but worth watching (it’s not for nothing that you watched this whole huge list of cinematic films to throw on the last one).

“Spider-Man: Far From Home” – even the practically happened apocalypse is not a reason to drop out of school. Peter Parker takes his class on vacation to Europe, capturing a Spider-Man suit. After all, it is not known when the services of a superhero may be needed.

TV Series Related to the MCU

Marvel Universe

Marvel TV shows will have to spend even more time than watching movies because they were released on different channels and in different chronologies. It is possible to systematize all of the above, but not necessary. If you first watch all the films, you will definitely not pick up spoilers, but only rejoice at the few references to events from the big screen.

Agent Carter – if you remember about Agent Carter – Captain Steve Rogers’ first love, you can watch the two-season series with her participation. The young father of Tony Stark and his butler, after whom Tony named the artificial intelligence, also appeared there.

SHIELD agents – a deeper insight into the work of a secret organization to protect against atypical threats. The creators resurrected Coulson and recruited a team of assistants to him. Although the series is not considered canonical, it does not contradict the events of the films in any way, it often refers to them and even has minor characters from the MCU among the invited episodic characters.

Overhumans is a series closed after one season, which tells about the race of Inhumans and the royal family overthrown in a coup. These people hid from humanity for many years, but the fugitives were forced to flee from persecution on Earth.

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and all sorts of crossovers with them. These small superheroes do not affect the universe on a large scale, but in their city, they cope with crime perfectly. All TV shows have an adult rating, so the writers went wild.

Runaways, Cloak, and Dagger – these two series were released for streaming services and belong to youth superheroics. In The Runaways, a team of children with superpowers escapes from their parents, who are suddenly not as good as they seemed at first glance. The Cloak and the Dagger tell the story of two unlikely teenagers. Girls from a wealthy family and a guy from a poor Negro quarter. Of course, they each have unique supernatural skills.

In the future, on its Disney + service, Disney plans to release mini-series about Wanda and Vision, Loki and Hawkeye. They will already be more closely intertwined with the cinematic universe and become canonical. There are only hints about the place and time of action. Another interesting project is “What If” short films, which tell about alternative developments in the films of the main series.

Also, the Marvel Universe includes all sorts of short films that come out with films and slightly supplement them, and more than three dozen different kinds of comics published from 2010 to 2019. It is not necessary to meet them unless you are a completely insane fan of everything related to this franchise.

The Fourth Part and the Future of the Franchise

Marvel Universe

Of course, Disney is not going to stop the assembly line, each film of which has become consistently collecting more than one billion dollars worldwide. Drawing a line under the series of films under the general title “Saga of Infinity”, films based on comics will continue to come out. In the next couple of years, a whole cascade of films will be released, some this spring. There will be a solo album about the undeservedly neglected Black Widow performed by Scarlett Johansson, where we will most likely get to know her replacement, a film about the powerful race of the Eternals, the sequel to Thor, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man. A certain Shang-Chi, the first Asian superhero with a film of his own, will also appear. And in the distant future, a second Black Panther is expected.

Apparently, now the main task of Marvel is to rejuvenate the acting ensemble, getting rid of the already pretty old actors, many of whom are already tired of their characters and did not renew their contracts. Some have already been withdrawn, some will be withdrawn in the future. Disney also needs to stay in trend and cater to current political trends, fulfilling the norm for racial, gender, and other types of diversity. In the new phase, there will be more female heroes, representatives of different minorities, and even gay characters, as the head of the studio has already proudly announced on social networks.

In any case, you should not expect any depth of semantic content from Marvel products. So you can disagree with Gilliam, Scorsese and other famous directors who said that CME films are not cinema. They are, but they occupy a certain niche – popcorn attractions. So while the creators delight the audience with light humor and high-quality, ideal for cinemas special effects, let them release it.

Marvel Universe: In Which Order to Watch Movies and TV shows?
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