How to Change Console Language in Skyrim

In the computer game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, there is a console that you can use to enter cheat codes. You can call the console by pressing the ~ key (the tilde, which is located above the Tab button). The players faced such a problem that the language in the game console is English, and the usual pressing of two buttons to change the language to another language. If you do not change the language, then cheat codes will be impossible to use.

This article will show as many as four ways how to change the console language in Skyrim.

Method one. It is suitable only for those who play Skyrim through Steam (licensed version of the game):

bring up the Steam Community using Shift + Tab;
select any friend and click “write a message”;
it is not necessary to write something, just change the language with the usual two buttons here;

Method two. Quite obvious, you could have thought of it yourself, but if you have not tried this method yet, we recommend using:

we are looking for the language bar, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen;
Click on the language, and then on its parameters;
in the “general” tab we make a change from Russian to English;
Click on “apply” and then “ok”;

Method three. Unlike the previous two, it is a little more complicated. To do this, you will need to save all the progress of the game and exit. Further:

click on start. go to the control panel;
Click on the language and regional standards;
after that into the default input language;
change to “English” (US language) and click OK.

Method four. If the above three methods did not help at all, then it is time to use “heavy artillery”:

We go into the folder with the game.

If you do not know where this folder is, then using Steam you can easily determine its location. To do this, go to your Steam account, then click Library – Games – Skyrim.

We right-click on the game we need, find the properties;
Click on “local files” and then “view local files”.

If you have a pirate (an unofficial version of the game), then you need to use the following:
find the drive C: \ Users (users) \\ Documents \ My Games \ Skyrim.

Now you can start fixing the problem itself:

Click on the Skyrim.ini file;
we open it;
after the General and sLanguage = RUSSIAN lines, and
next phrase: sCones = ENGLISH

Now you know how to change the console language in Skyrim. You should have English in the game console and you will finally be able to use various cheat codes in the game. As a reminder, if you play Skyrim through Steam, you will not receive Steam achievements when using cheat codes. We hope that our small guide on such an important issue turned out to be useful and now you can help not only yourself but all your friends!

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How to Change Console Language in Skyrim
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