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Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats for Army, Magic Tricks and More

Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands List Find below an updated list of all Hearts … An updated, searchable list of HOI4 equipment names to cheat codes conversions. In this article, you will find all the codes for the game Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats (aka Victory Day 4) cheats for the army, magic tricks, political power, and much more.

Hearts of Iron IV is a global strategy game in which the player is invited to travel back to the Second World War and change the course of history beyond recognition by taking control of one of the many factions. In this game universe, it is quite possible to make an economically prosperous and strong state of some Honduras, bringing it to a leading position. And in order to significantly facilitate your task (the game is quite difficult, especially for beginners who are not familiar with the genre), you can use various cheat codes.

Tips for Beginners

Pay attention to this guide, link to the guide: HoI 4 Recommendations: You may not need to use cheats if you start right! First of all, HoI 4 is a strategy and is calculated on the fact that you will carefully plan every step and do not miss anything, as if you were running a real state.

How are HoI 4 cheats introduced?

Iron 4 Cheats

In HOI 4, cheats are entered through the console, which is launched by pressing the Tilda (~) key. It is also the letter “E” on most keyboards. One of the cheats should be entered in the line, after which it remains only to confirm its use with the Enter key. Note! Cheats are intended only for single-player games (excluding Iron Man mode) – such tricks cannot be used in multiplayer battles.

Artificial intelligence Management

Cheats from this list allow you to control computer opponents, adding new features to them or, conversely, limiting their functionality.

ai_accept – any diplomatic offers addressed to artificial intelligence will be unconditionally accepted.
ai_invasion – Toggle the AI’s ability to carry out naval invasions. Re-entering the command cancels the effect.
spectator – the player goes into spectator mode, while his faction comes under the control of a computer bot.
ai – fully enable or, upon re-entering, disable the artificial intelligence of computer opponents.
aiview – Display AI debugging information.

Resource Management

Iron 4 Cheats

The resource cheats present in Hearts of Iron will help the player save time and greatly facilitate the gameplay, getting rid of the need for a long time and need to increase the power of his faction.

Manpower [quantity] – add human resources. The numeric value that the player considers acceptable is substituted in brackets.
Winwars – Raises the number of military points to the maximum value.
Morehumans [number] – add the number of people the player needs.
XP [number] – adds the required amount of experience. If you do not specify the exact number after the command, the value of 999 units will be automatically written.

Command and control

Players often use army cheats in Hearts of Iron, as they help diversify the gameplay or overcome problematic/difficult gameplay moments. There is another category of cheats designed to complicate the task of an experienced strategist.

dell [name] – the destruction of all units belonging to the specified state. The state code is indicated in brackets, for example, the USA – United States, AUS – Austria, CAN – Canada, etc.

instant_prepare – instantly lands a fleet at a specified point.
civilwar [ideology] [country name] – initiation of a civil war on the basis of a specified ideology, for example, fascism or communism.

spawn [unit type] [province ID] [number] – allows you to create and place units of a certain type in a given number in the selected region.

moveunit [unit type] [province ID] – the instant movement of the specified number of units of a certain type to the specified province.

annex [province ID] – initiation of the capture (annexation) of the specified state.

debug_nuking – conditions will not be checked when starting an atomic attack on an enemy.

theatersrebuild – canceling all orders and creating from scratch all theaters of war in the game party.

teleport [province ID] – teleportation of the selected army or fleet to the specified area on the map.

massconquer – Unlocks access to mass conquest tools.

Construction and Economics

In the game Hearts of Iron 4 cheats for construction are presented in all their variety. By entering the appropriate commands into the console, the player can adjust not only the development of his faction but also the factions under the control of computer opponents.

research all – instant research of all technological branches.
Ic (instantconstruction) – enable / disable instant construction.
add_equipment [number] [name] – adds the requested number of units of this or that equipment.

Equipment Examples

Iron 4 Cheats

For example, infantry
add_equipment 100000 infantry_equipment_3
add_equipment 100000 support_equipment_1
add_equipment 10,000 motorized_equipment_1
add_equipment 10,000 mechanized_equipment_3
or tanks
add_equipment 1000 medium_tank_equipment_3
add_equipment 2000 medium_tank_equipment_3
or artillery
add_equipment 2000 artillery_equipment_3
add_equipment 2000 rocket_artillery_equipment_2
add_equipment 2000 motorized_rocket_equipment_1
ground aircraft
add_equipment 2000 jet_fighter_equipment_2
add_equipment 2000 strat_bomber_equipment_3
add_equipment 2000 jet_strat_bomber_equipment_1
add_equipment 2000 transport_plane_equipment_1
naval aviation
add_equipment 2000 cv_fighter_equipment_3
add_equipment 2000 cv_CAS_equipment_3
add_equipment 2000 cv_nav_bomber_equipment_3

Building_health – change the strength of buildings. After the command, write the type of building, faction ID, building level, and the number of health points assigned through space.

The following list of cheats allows you to get a thousand units of one or another production resource. Crudeoil – crude oil, metal-metal, energy – energy, rare materials – rare materials, supplies – power sources, fuel – fuel, money – game currency.

Hearts of Iron 4 cheats for tricks. Management of the focus tree is one of the key features of this game and many players have difficulties with this, since many focuses can be mutually exclusive, and improper pumping can significantly complicate the gameplay or even doom to defeat. Solves the problem with the Focus.AutoComplete cheat, which gives access to instant national focuses.

Politics and diplomacy, actions on the map

This section describes the Hearts of Iron 4 cheats available to players on ideology, foreign policy, and various diplomatic options.

Whitepeace [country ID] – the conclusion of a white peace (when you do not capture the territory of the capitulating side) with the specified state.
Allowdiplo – provides access to all possible diplomatic actions, including those that are limited by the rules of the game.
Add_opinion [country ID] – improvement of diplomatic relations with a specific state.
Add_interest, Remove_interest [country ID] – the first command adds the specified country to the list of your interests, and the second allows you to remove it.
Reloadoob [State Tag] – Reloads orders in the selected state.
Fow – disables fog of war on the entire map. The player can also specify the team by assigning the ID of a certain province separated by a space.
Add_core [province ID], Remove_core [province ID] . The first team will nationalize the indicated province, the second allows you to do the opposite.

Cheats to change ideology

In the official manual Paradox did not find anything, but on the Internet I found these codes to play with the ideology and change it faster. Try these IDs:

Through events

political.18 – fascism
political.19 – communism
political.20 – democracy
The code itself is entered as follows:
event political.18


Try this:
1st: add_party_popularity 100 fascism
2nd: set_ruling_party fascism
(you can use abbreviations f for fascism, d for democracy, c for communism, and so on)

I no longer have a game, so I beg you to write about the results in the comments, you will help a lot.

Political Power Cheats

In Hearts of Iron, political power cheats are available, if the player is suddenly faced with a lack of political power points, he can easily add them using the “political_power” command written in the console, after which (separated by a space) the numerical value is indicated. The commands “pp” and “fuhrer_mana” operate in the same way.

Noneutrality – reducing neutrality to zero.
Hisisboring – mixing countries and events in a random order, allowing you to generate an alternative game party that is not based on the historical realities of the Second World War.
Resign – retirement.

Hearts of Iron 4 cheats to access different settings and interface

This includes cheats for the game Hearts of Iron 4, which do not affect the gameplay but only allow you to control the interface, access advanced graphics and sound settings that are not available through the built-in menu with options. They are mainly used by the developers themselves to test the game and identify bugs, but they can also be useful to ordinary gamers.

Deltat [number] – controls the speed of animations in the game.
Combatsound [number] – control the frequency of playing combat songs. The specified value can range from 1 to 50.
Nextsong – sequential switching of soundtrack tracks. To change the music again, register the command again.
Nopausetext – enable / disable the pause icon. It will come in handy for those who like to take beautiful screenshots.
Tweakergui. Particle_editor – The first command launches the graphical user interface (GUI) editor. The second launch the particle editor. Reboot codes.
Reload [file name] – Reloads the specified object.
Reloadinterface – completely reloads the entire interface.
Cityreload – a complete reload of all cities on the map.
Reloadweather [number] – controls weather effects.
Reloadtechnologies – Reload technology databases.
Savegame – a manual saving of the game via the console.
Debug_show_event_ID – allows you to show the name of the current event. The resulting values ​​can then be used in other cheat codes, for example, allowing you to initiate an event in a selected place.
Debug_volume [numerical value] – controls the volume of sounds and music.
Gamespeed [number] – game speed control. The range of prescription values ​​is from 1 to 5. Poll – displays a list of available events.
PrintSynchStuff – displays a random number with a key.
SetRandomCount – initiation of counting from zero to agr.
IP – displays the player’s network address. You can also register in a network game.
Requestgamestate – request for the state of the game to the host address.
Fullscreen – enables or disables (if you re-register) windowed mode.
Dubug_zoom – allows you to set a closer location of the game camera. A similar command, debug_lockcamera, enables or disables camera movement. Another command, Cameraclamp, provides stabilization control.

Cheats codes for Hearts of Iron 4, allowing you to enable and disable various graphical and gameplay settings: debug_assert – claims management, debug_smooth – frame rate smoothing control, debug_nomouse – activates/deactivates mouse wheel control. Debug_terrain – enables / disables terrain. Likewise, you can disable cities, water, sky, glow effects, PostFX, rivers, tooltips. To do this, add the required variable after “Debug_” – water, sky, bloom, postfix, rivers, tooltip.
Prices – displays information about prices in the game.
Version – allows you to find out the current version of the game. It will come in handy if, for example, you need to install a mod, trainer, or put a fresh patch on top.

Note! Most of the above codes can be entered in normal capital letters – they will work without any problem. But there are also some options that are case sensitive. For example, when entering the code for adding equipment you need to specify its name, it should be done with capital letters, for example, “Strategic Bomber”.

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Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats for Army, Magic Tricks and More
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