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Console Commands for Stalker Call of Pripyat

Console commands for stalker call of Pripyat are one of the best ways to make the game easier by entering certain existing and proven commands.

It makes no sense to provide a complete list of console commands with all parameters and descriptions since there are many of them on the Internet. But just for you, in today’s article, we will look at the most necessary console commands, as well as bring them down in terms of popularity for easy familiarization and use.

To begin with, the console in STALKER: Call of Pripyat is opened by pressing the tilde button on the keyboard. This key looks like this: ~. The console itself is a field that allows you to enter this or that command to change certain parameters of the game. Most of them are written in the User.ltx game file. That is why the best method of using the innovations is to test the command through the console, and then, if the checked parameter suits you, and you want to leave these changes in the game on a permanent basis, edit User.ltx. And if you are still experimenting, then just in case, save yourself a backup copy of the above file.

The technique for using the console is very simple. Press the “~” key. Enter the command text. Press the space bar on the keyboard. Enter the numerical value or the required range. Done.

To scroll the console field, use the Page Up and Page Down keys, and the Tab key performs the function of auto-completion of the console command.

Console commands stalker call of Pripyat for money are used if you have critical difficulties during the passage. Very often the commands “ra sv_startteammoney 1 50000” and “ra sv_startteammoney 2 50000” are used, which make it possible to get a tidy sum right at the start. In a single-player game, the team for money is “g_money”, it is she who gives a single-player a large sum of money.

To make all the available types of weapons in the game appear in the inventory, you can use the console commands stalker call Pripyat for weapons, such as “give all”. The “cl_dynamiccrosshair” console command will help you to use the dynamic sight, “hud_crosshair” will show the scope, and “hud_weapon” will display the weapon. You can remove a weapon after a player’s death by entering “sv_remove_weapon”.

Some console commands stalker call of Pripyat single player can be quite useful for single players. Especially as demo recording “demo_record 1”. It is with this console in a single-player game that you can fly over locations and make screenshots. Another wonderful team is suicide. Just for fun, you can enter “g_kill”.

Even experienced players have insane difficulties in completing quests, especially if these tasks are associated with mutant freaks and secret laboratories of difficult locations. Therefore, console commands are used stalker call of Pripyat to immortality, more precisely cheat codes such as “god”. They endow your character with inexhaustible energy and health, thereby making him invulnerable and resistant to everything. We turn on God mode by entering the command into the console “g_god 1”. The command of the invulnerability indicator “sv_dmgblockindicator” and displaying the time of invulnerability after the birth of “sv_dmgblocktime” are also useful.

And now we offer console commands stalker call of Pripyat cheats, specifically facilitating a heavy game. Passing through walls and obstacles is possible with the “noclip”. The unique code “notarget” will allow you to acquire invisibility.

Stalker call of Pripyat console commands for items such as ammo is in great demand. You can replenish your stock of ammo in your inventory to infinity by entering “give ammo”. And you can automatically pick up all the items using the command “g_autopickup”.

It is a pity that there is no way to use console commands stalker call of Pripyat by weight, but it is still possible to increase the maximum carrying capacity in the game. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • 1. Find and open the actor.ltx game file in the following path: game data/configs/creatures.
  • 2. In the open actor.ltx, look for the line max_walk_weight = 60, where we change the number 60 to the one that will mean the new largest weight you drag.
  • 3. Next, find another system.ltx file in-game data/configs and open it.
  • 4. Change in the opened max_weight = 50 again to the desired figure. This is energy consumption after exceeding the maximum possible weight.

Console commands stalker call of Pripyat to fly will be useful just for those players who cannot master the game capabilities and resources to the fullest. All of the above console commands of the game stalker call of Pripyat will adjust the actions and parameters of your hero, endow him with superpowered abilities, open access to almost everything, from cartridges to immortality.

Console Commands for Stalker Call of Pripyat
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