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Cheats and Console Commands for Counter-Strike

The most complete list of cheats for CS: GO (Counter-strike: Global Offensive): cheat codes for weapons, wh (wallhack), cheats for things, infinite ammo, and others…

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular competitive shooters of our time. In this discipline, large tournaments are regularly held with prize funds of several tens, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The gameplay seems simple and straightforward – gamers are divided into two teams, one of which becomes terrorists, and the second takes on the role of special forces. Each side has its own goals. Terrorists must set up and detonate a bomb at a given point, and the police, on the contrary, must clear it or destroy all the enemy’s manpower. After a certain number of rounds, the teams switch places.

Nevertheless, despite the accessible and minimalistic concept, Counter-Strike is a rather complex tactical game, where a lot depends on personal skill and team interaction. At high ranks (see about ranks in the article All ranks in CS: GO ) in the ranking it is no longer enough to have a quick reaction, instantly aiming at the enemy’s head. Here you still need to know the correct grenade spreads, shots, and much more. It is best to start your server for this purpose, connect console commands and practice tactics. Below we will talk about cheats for CS: GO.

How to activate cheats

The commands in the game are entered using the developer’s console, so the first thing you need to do is go to the settings menu and find the section responsible for the game parameters there. Check the box next to “Enable developer console” and feel free to start your server. The console itself is called by the “tilde” key, which is also the Russian “E”. An alternative option available to license key holders on Steam is to go to the game properties inside the client application and add the line “-console” in the launch parameters.

List of essential cheats for Counter-Strike GO

Here are the main commands that significantly alter the gameplay. They can only be used on custom servers or while playing with bots. They are not available in ranked matchmaking, as well as on other people’s servers (if the user does not have the appropriate authority).

god – activation of the divine regime. The character stops receiving damage from shooting, falling, being underwater for a long time, etc.
noclip – walking through walls. Useful for those who train grenade throwers. You can launch a projectile into the distance and immediately fly after it, looking at where it lands. When you enter it again, the effect disappears.
mat_wireframe 1 – the walls become transparent and highlighted along the contour, and the areas to be shot are appropriately translucent. Substitute 0 for 1 to return to the standard display.
r_drawothermodels 2 – another variation of wallhack. Now you can watch opponents through walls and objects (containers, boxes, etc.). Everything green is shot through, everything blue is not shot. A value of 1 removes the effect.
sv_showimpacts 1 – Bullet hits on the wall will now be marked with multi-colored markers. This will help the player understand how the weapon behaves when firing, and will teach you how to control the recoil so that the bullets fly clearly into the enemy’s carcass.
thirdperson – changes the classic eye view to a third-person view. A similar command “firstperson” returns everything to the default settings.
host_timescale 2 – in-game time will run slightly faster. Write the command with the number 1 to return everything back. In principle, instead of two, you can substitute higher values, but then players will face unpleasant brakes and freezes.
sv_infinite_ammo 1 – the number of cartridges in the weapon is now unlimited, and there is no need to reload.
sv_infinite_ammo 2 – the number of cartridges in ammunition is not limited, but the player will have to reload due to the limit in the clip.
sv_aim 1 – aid in aiming. If the player hovers into the area of ​​the approximate location of the enemy in line of sight, the sight will automatically move to the enemy model.
cl_righthand 0 – Shifts the weapon to the player’s left hand (by default, it is always in the right). This does not affect shooting in any way, but some gamers are much more used to having more vision on the right side.

Managing bots in CS: GO

Counter-Strike can be played not only with live opponents but also with bots controlled by artificial intelligence. To customize them at your discretion, you will have to use the cheat codes from the list below.

bot_kick – removing all computer opponents from the server.
bot_add_ct – adding a bot to a Spetsnaz team. To add the required amount, you have to register the command several times. You don’t have to re-enter the value, just press the up arrow key on your keyboard and the last command you entered will be displayed in the console. It remains only to confirm it with entering.
bot_add_t – adding a bot to a terrorist team.
bot_take_control – if the player dies, you don’t have to wait until the end of the round or kill the bots in the console. Having registered this command, he will automatically move into one of the surviving computer dummies and will be able to play with them.
bot_zombie 0 – bots become passive and do not open fire on each other and the player.
bot_kill – all bots in the round die. The victory is awarded to the team where at the time of the introduction of the cheat there are more people left.

bot_knives_only – game bots grab knives and go to carnage.
bot_pistols_only – game bots do not buy anything other than pistols and submachine guns and semi-automatic machines.
bot_snipers_only – the team issues sniper rifles to bots.
bot_all_weapons – standard mode, in which bots will begin to actively use all weapons available for purchase.
bot_stop 1 – disables artificial intelligence of bots, which makes them freeze in place. A command with a zero value returns the original settings.

Managing grenades in inventory

Again, great for training team throws. You can also just have fun organizing a game of explosive snowballs with artificial intelligence or live opponents on your server.

give weapon_hegrenade – code for creating frag grenades (haeshki)
give weapon_smokegrenade – the appearance of a smoke grenade
give weapon_flashbang – the appearance of a blinding grenade
give weapon_molotov – Incendiary Blends (Terrorists Only)
give weapon_incgrenade – incendiary grenades (only special forces)
give weapon_decoy – a fake grenade simulating shots from various weapons

Codes for weapons in the Global Offensive

give weapon_awp sniper rifle AVP. The weapon with the highest firepower in the game, almost always killing with one shot.
give weapon_aug AUG, automatic fire assault rifle. There is an automatic sight on the right mouse button.
give weapon_ak47 good old Kalashnikov assault rifle.
give weapon_m4a1_silencer, give weapon_m4a1 codes for obtaining an American M4A1 rifle. The first with a silencer, and the second with an increased number of cartridges in the store.
give weapon_galilar Galil, a budget machine with medium recoil and good kill characteristics for a price of $ 2,000.
give weapon_famas precise automatic weapons of special forces with two firing modes (unlimited and bursts of 3 rounds).
give weapon_p90 P90, also called the Rooster by the common people. A large number of cartridges and good accuracy even when maneuvering back and forth. That is why it is considered a weapon of noobs, and its carrier is a lamer. It is practically not used at high ratings and in professional games.
give weapon_ump45 Get the UMP-45, a cheap submachine gun with mediocre stats but the double reward for killing enemies. It will do for economic recovery.
give weapon_mac10 Uzi, an extremely inaccurate weapon, is therefore not in great demand.
give weapon_xm1014 pump-action shotgun with a high rate of fire and a 7-round magazine. Suitable for close range when you need to keep opponents in a narrow passage.
give weapon_elite equips the player with Beretta. One-time shooting “Macedonian” and a lot of bullets.
give weapon_fiveseven getting Five-SeveN. Great weapon for pistol rounds. Good accuracy and rate of fire. give weapon_deagle Steppe eagle. A large-caliber and a slow pistol with high lethal potential.
give weapon_usp_silencer USP pistol issued as standard to the SWAT team. Accuracy allows you to hit targets at long distances, there is a removable silencer.
give weapon_glock18 standard terrorist pistol. Has a burst mode that hardly anyone uses.
give weapon_knifegg obtaining a golden knife.
give weapon_m249 M249, a large and expensive machine gun with a hundred rounds of rounds. There is little sense from it, but it is fun.
give weapon_tec9 until recently, this semi-automatic pistol was a favorite among terrorists, but recent updates have slightly spoiled its performance.
give weapon_negev Negev, another oversized machine gun with a 150 round magazine. Hits in the head of the enemy, even if he is wearing a helmet, immediately kill him, but there is a strong recoil.
give weapon_scar20 allows you to get SCAR, an automatic sniper rifle with a large magazine, and no need to reload after each shot. Costs more than a WUA and often require two hits to kill.
give weapon_sawedoff a slow pump-action shotgun for terrorists, unsuitable for long-range shooting due to its high spread.
give weapon_nova The Nova Shotgun allows you to take out opponents in close combat, and kills are rewarded with a threefold cash bonus.
give weapon_ssg08 lightweight and cheap sniper popularly referred to as the Fly. You can move quickly with it, but it kills armored targets with one shot only in a jug.
give weapon_sg553 SG 553, submachine gun with the ability to zoom in the sight with the right mouse button.
give weapon_cz75a The CZ75-Auto is the only truly automatic pistol in the game. Able to discharge ammunition with a clamp in a matter of seconds and kill the enemy. The disadvantage is the small number of cartridges in the store and clips in the inventory. If used unwisely, you can stay in the middle of the round with one knife.
give weapon_hkp2000 another pistol that can be set as standard with Spetsnaz, but no one does, since there is a more effective USP. Kills with one shot only to the head without armor.
bestow weapon_taser stun gun “Zeus”. Instantly kills any enemy, but you have to come close to him. And it is better not to miss since there is only one charge.

Useful cheats for server management

With them, you can diversify the gameplay by setting suitable conditions. Manage the duration and number of rounds, balance teams, etc. at your discretion.

mp_friendlyfire [number] the variable controls friendly fire. If the value is set to 1, people on the same team can injure each other with weapons and grenades. If it is 0, there will be no need to fear that one of the allies will not damage you on purpose or on purpose.
mp_limitteams [value] managing the maximum number of players/bots in teams. The possibilities are limited by the engine, which is designed for no more than 64 people on the map (value 32). And even then, not every server can handle such a load without visible problems.
mp_autoteambalance 1 automatic balancing of commands by the server. If there is a significant advantage in any team, the game can transfer a person from another. If the parameter value is zero, the function is disabled.
mp_solid_teammates 1 players will be able to pass through their allies. The command is included on most public servers to exclude possible sabotage from some players, who props and block allies for their own entertainment. There is also a drawback, with the included command you will not be able to play boosters, since you simply cannot jump on teammates.
mp_roundtime [number] each round lasts a set number of minutes
mp_free_armor [value] disables and enables (0-1) the possibility of issuing free reservations. If the command is on, at the beginning of each round the player receives a body armor with one hundred units of “armor”.
mp_maxrounds [number] sets the limit of won rounds, upon reaching which the team is awarded a victory in the game.
mp_forcecamera 0 unlocks the camera, allowing you to follow the game in spectator mode or after death (for both allies and opponents).
mp_buytime [number] allows you to increase or decrease the time allotted for the purchase of equipment by players at the beginning of the round. Measured in seconds. Only integer values ​​are entered.
mp_timelimit [number] limits the time until the end of the game.
mp_restartgame 1 the match is restarted, all statistics collected by the players (kills, deaths, round wins, etc.) are reset to zero.
mp_c4timer [numeric value] bomb detonation time control. You can set the duration of the period from installation to an explosion in seconds.

Console Commands to Optimize Performance

It’s no secret that CS: GO belongs to the category of those games where reaction speed and response time are very important. And although the engine is perfectly optimized, experienced players still try to squeeze out a little more extra FPS (frames per second). And console cheats help them with this.

cl_disable_ragdolls 1 disabling Ragdoll physics. It usually does not have a strong effect on the game, but in especially saturated scenes, when a bunch of smoke grenades is scattered near the player, even on quite modern configurations, frame rate drops are noticeable. Disabling physics, you will win a couple of dozen frames.
dsp_slow_cpu 1 the sound quality in the game drops slightly, while the performance, on the contrary, jumps up quite noticeably.
mat_disable_bloom 1 unnecessary bloom effects are disabled. r_dynamic and muzzleflash_light dynamic lighting and dynamic bounced light commands. If you suddenly notice that the main FPS sags are observed during shootouts and explosions, it is recommended to register each with the parameter 0 (off).
cl_forcepreload 1 textures/models of the environment, characters, and weapons will be loaded at the very beginning of the game, while according to the standard part is loaded in the process. This theoretically contributes to smoother gameplay on weaker configurations.
r_drawparticles 0 animations of splashes of water, small particles, and other optional things disappear, thereby unloading system resources. Of course, the game will not look so good graphically.
mat_queue_mode 2 forced inclusion of multi-core processing. It makes sense to prescribe only if your processor is equipped with two or more cores.
r_eyemove and r_eyegloss this is already for very meticulous players seeking to carry out maximum optimization. Commands written with a zero value will remove moving and gleaming eyes from models, replacing them with static ones.
fps_max [numeric value] sets the limit on the number of frames. Some people are surprised by the low FPS and the inefficiency of optimization, without even realizing that they simply have it blocked. Don’t forget to check it.
cl_showfps 1 allows you to measure the number of frames per second displayed by the game without the help of third-party software. The indicator will be displayed in the corner of the screen and show everything in real-time.
cl_showfps 5 a more advanced version of the previous command, since in addition to FPS, it also displays the load on computer hardware. You can visually see the limitations of which of the performance of the components is limited.
net_graph 1 displays statistics of connection to the server (ping, lost packets, tick rate, etc.).

VX cheats (WH or Wallhack)

Often newbies ask in chats: you know what cheat cs go? An inexperienced striker will think: What kind of game did he ask? It’s simple: we or wh (from the English wallhack). That is a cheat that includes the ability to see opponents, other players through walls. Agree, this is a serious advantage! This is why it is called a cheat code.

So what do you need to do to activate the Wall-Hack cheat in Counter-Strike: GO? First, you need to allow cheats altogether, for this, enter the sv_cheats 1 command in the console. And then enter the r_drawothermodels 2 commands.

Third-party cheats for CS: GO and the nuances of their use

The above was the official console commands that the developers themselves included in the game and allowed gamers to use them on custom servers and when playing with bots. For most players, of course, this is of little use – they need ways to gain an advantage in competitive mode. Craftsmen entered the business, who began to write special cheating software with various useful properties. The most popular is the aim (help in aiming at the enemy) and wallhack (view through walls). The mere presence of any of these two properties raises the productivity of a mediocre player to the level of quite a good shooter.

But there are some pitfalls to cheating that are worth mentioning. Firstly, Valve, although not very diligently, is still fighting dishonest players – their anti-cheat blocks those who like to use software for a long time, and sometimes even forever. In addition, there is a so-called patrol, which receives gameplay records on behalf of players who received a large number of complaints. If a person is “burned”, he can easily be condemned and blocked. Secondly, under the guise of a harmless cheat for a computer toy, attackers often hide viruses, keyloggers, and other malicious software that can steal logins/passwords and other personal data from a computer. You have to be careful with this.

Cheats and Console Commands for Counter-Strike
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