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How To Animate a Character in Skyrim

Skyrim: Probably, there would not be such a self-respecting gamer who would not know about the RPG RPG game The Elder Scrolls, which during its existence has received many awards and many positive reviews from testers and critics, as well as from enthusiastic fans. For several years now, people from all over the world have been enjoying the immense gaming world, which the developers have tried to make as realistic as possible and have added all sorts of items, artifacts, combat weapons, and power armor there. You can easily master a wide variety of skills, examine every part of the magical world, find yourself a companion (or companion) in life and get married (get married), as well as chat with interesting characters.

Probably everyone has ever thought that it would be great to become at least temporarily immortal, then you could create whatever you want and live for a long time and never die. Can you imagine if your favorite character will fight with a strong opponent, receive damage, but he will never die? You can do whatever you want, and still, your character will be safe and sound. Yes, it’s cool only for the first time, then it gets boring, and the whole game loses its essence. In addition, using cheats, you run the risk of causing a glitch in the game, it can start to fly out and “be capricious”. But there are also cases when “immortality” would definitely come in handy.

Skyrim players faced such a problem when they needed to buy something from someone, take a necessary quest from someone, or, according to the storyline, need to communicate with a specific character, but this hero died in a mysterious way.

What to do in this situation? Don’t worry, everything is fixable. There is a cheat code that brings the character you want back to life. Also, there is an opportunity to see his inventory, or even to commit his murder.

How to animate a character in Skyrim


Let’s look at a small instruction on how to properly resurrect a character:

invoke the console by pressing the tilde (~) key;
Click on the NPC (NPC);
write the phrase resurrect (if you want to see the inventory of the required character, write – inv, if you want to kill him, then – kill);
hit enter.

If the above-proposed method did not help you, then you can use another, no less effective one. Follow each point carefully and you should definitely succeed!

So, we resurrect the character:

first, you need to find out the ID (id) of the character you want to return to existence. call the same console with the ~ key.
enter the phrase pride (in brackets – id of the character) then resurrect.
hit enter.

These methods should help you return the desired hero, and also save you from unpleasant situations in the form of throwing a quest;) If you want the character to fight for you for one minute, you can use a magic spell called “Revive zombies”. After the spell ends, this character will turn into a pile of ash.

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How To Animate a Character in Skyrim
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