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Stellaris Cheats: Energy Credits, Research And More

Here is a basic list of console commands (cheats) for the recently released 4X strategy Stellaris from the developers of Paradox Interactive. With the help of these commands, you can gain immortality, get a lot of minerals or energy credits, conduct all the research, and colonize any planets. Nothing will stop you from taking over the galaxy and raising your empire!

Stellaris Cheat Activation

To activate cheat codes, call the console by pressing the tilde (~) key, enter the desired code, and press Enter. Remember that codes cannot be entered in Steel Will game mode.

Stellaris Cheat Codes List

cash [number] – add energy credits (money).
minerals [number] – add minerals.
influence [number] – add influence points.
society [number] – add social research points.
engineering [number] – add engineering research points.
physics [number] – add physics research points.
invincible – immortality for your fleet.
own – capture or colonize the selected planet.
free_government – instant reforms of the state system.
free_policies – instant enforcement of laws.
tag [faction number] – play for the specified faction.
instant_build – instant construction of ships and buildings.
research_technologies – research all technologies.
debug_yesmen – the enemy always agrees to your diplomatic demands.
planet_size [number] – set the number of settlements on the selected planet (maximum 25).
free_government – change the form of government.
contact – open all civilizations.
planet_resource food [number] – add food to the selected planet.
planet_resource energy [number] – add energy credits to the allocated planet.
planet_resource minerals [number] – add minerals to the selected planet.
planet_resource physics_research [number] – add physics research points to the selected planet.
planet_resource society_research [number] – add social research points to the selected planet.
planet_resource engineering_research [number] – add engineering research points to the selected planet.
damage [number] – cause the desired damage to the selected ship.
survey – the team fully explores all planets.
skills 5 – set the maximum level for all leaders.
finish_research – finish all research (for now).
populate – populate all slots of the selected planet.
FTL – jump to any point in the galaxy.
terraforming_resources [number] – add resources for terraforming to the selected planet.
tweakergui terraincognita – opens the entire galaxy (the corresponding menu appears on the right).
attackallfleets – your fleet goes crazy, destroys everything it sees and itself as well.
democratic_election – starts new elections.
combines.spawnall – Make all primitive civilizations sane.
planet_happiness [number] – to give happiness to the selected planet.
tweakergui debugtooltip – Shows IDs of planets, races, etc.

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Stellaris Cheats: Energy Credits, Research And More
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