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The Sims 4 Cheat Codes: Immortality, Free Houses & More

The Sims 4 is the fourth honor in The Sims series. In this game, you need not only to control a character or a whole family, but also to indulge their needs, character specifics, and so on. Testingcheats cheats give some developer options: new features in the character creation editor, “make everyone happy” and so on.

Activating Cheat Codes The Sims 4

The console in The Sims 4 is turned on using the key combination: Ctrl + Shift + C. Close it is easier, you just need to press Esc.

Attention! There is also a code that allows you to use some special features. For them to work, you need to enter true in the Testingcheats console. You can disable these features by using Testingcheats false.

The Sims 4 Cheat Codes List

A list of “developer options” called Testingcheats:

Cas.fulleditmode – the code allows you to open new possibilities in the character creation editor.
Hold Shift and click on the sim in order to open the following options: reboot the sim, add a sim to the active family, “make everyone happy”, turn on the needs of sims, turn off the needs, respectively, and “Modify in CAS”, which allows you to change the external features of the character in the editor …
Hold Shift and click on an object to open these options: reload the object, make the object dirty, and make the object clean.
Hold Shift and click on the mailbox to reload it.
Hold Shift and click on any free area on the ground to move the active Sim to that point.

Other codes:

Motherlode – Code adds 50,000 Simoleons to the family.
Kaching – This code adds 1000 Simoleons to the family budget.
Rosebud – The code, like the previous one, adds 1000 simoleons to the family’s budget.
Help – Shows a list of all codes for the game.
ResetSim (First Name Last Name) – If the character is frozen in the game, then this code returns the sim to the game state (Example: ResetSim Bella Goth).
Fullscreen – Allows you to enable or disable full-screen mode in the game.
Headlineeffects (on / off) – This code allows you to enable or disable animation over the character: diamond, thought clouds, conversation icons, and the like.
Death.toggle – The code allows you to disable the death of characters in the game.
FreeRealEstate (on / off) – This code allows you to make all the houses in the game free for your Sim.
Press Shift +] to increase the size of all objects.

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The Sims 4 Cheat Codes: Immortality, Free Houses & More
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