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Cheat Codes for LEGO the Lord of the Rings: Coins and More

The film epic “The Lord of the Rings” has spawned a considerable number of various entertainment projects, as well as the universe of Tolkien’s books themselves. An interesting game project LEGO The Lord of the Rings is also directly related to the films of director Peter Jackson. Basically, players will have to plunge into the whole history of the film trilogy, with the only difference that you have to play funny LEGO men. We will go with Frodo to Mount Orodruin on a very dangerous mission. We need to rid the world of the magic ring that has been around for a long time. Considering that the ring is clearly against its destruction and by all means wants to be again in the power of Sauron, the road will be difficult and incredibly dangerous.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Cheat Codes Activation

To enter this or that code, pause the game, and select the cheats section from the menu. Have a nice game 😉

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Cheat Codes list

Cheats for characters

Shagrath – PJB6MV
Lurz – QL28WB
Sauron’s Voice – F4M7FC
Gaming – AVJII1
Hama – 73HJP6
Berserker – UE5Z7H
Madril – C19F3A
Easterling – R7XKDH
Pathfinder of Gondor – LG5GI7
Denethor – RJV4KB
Radagast Kariy – 5LV6EB
Lothlorien – C2A58D
Bilbo Baggins – J4337V
Ghost of the Ring – LYQU1F
The Lich King – IH7E58
Elrond – A9FB4Q
Boromir – HTYADU
Galadriel – 7B4VWH
Eomer – U47AOG
Grima Wormust – BU95CB

Other Codes

2nd part multiplier – 1F5YH2
Help – T1JM4R
Mithril Hearts – 2MCRDN
Accelerated Build – A2LU58
Hero Parts – PR3V4K
Disguise – MX26RJ
Attracting Parts – C7FJ7B
Replenishes Hearts – H5L6N6
Unbreakable – WS68P2
Treasures – A24TVJ
Boss Disguise – F3H14H
8-bit music – GD35HC
Find assignments – EY4K32
Animal Parts – D49TXY

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Cheat Codes for LEGO the Lord of the Rings: Coins and More
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