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Cheat Codes for LEGO The Hobbit 2020

Role-playing computer game LEGO The Hobbit with action-adventure elements, from the Traveller’s Tales company. Warner Bros. released the game in April 20014. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE). As in previous LEGO games, the player will have to look for ingredients that will help him create items and unlock new characters. Each character in the game has its own unique skills. Someone is good at archery and can stand up for themselves, while someone specializes in the extraction of minerals, etc.

Activating cheat codes LEGO The Hobbit

To activate cheat codes, you need to be in the game itself. Then press pause and select [Surprises] from the menu. Then we enter codes of 6 characters.

Attention! If you exit the game, the codes will automatically fly off. After entering it again, they will have to be reactivated.

LEGO The Hobbit Cheat Codes List

FAVZTR – Alfrid.
84ZZSI – Azog (Claw).
W5Z6AC – Bain.
UER3JG – Bard.
XTVM8C – Barrow-wight.
KEID2V – Beorn.
ZIBYHO – Bolg.
MXUXKO – Braga.
H2CAID – Elros.
THAVRM – Fimbul.
00TE7J – Galadriel.
3CE37P – Gollum.
TPD7YW – Grinnah.
V4Y5HZ – Lindir.
9NOK35 – Master of Lake-town.
4FYKKB – Narzug.
NM3I2O – Necromancer.
74KN31 – Percy.
5OJEUC – Peter Jackson (Bree).
TB4S6J – Rosie Cotton.
OARA3D – Sauron.
SYKSXF – Thror (Armored).
4Y95TJ – Tom Bombadil.
V8AHMJ – Witch-king.
S6VV33 – Yazneg.

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Cheat Codes for LEGO The Hobbit 2020
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