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Fallout 4 Cheat Codes: Console Commands

One of the main events of the year is the release of Fallout 4. The game is already breaking records for the number of online players on Steam, thereby beating the record for GTA 5. At first, players will enjoy story quests, open world, exploration, etc. Therefore, cheat codes will not be needed at first, although for those players who want to make it easier for themselves to travel through the wastelands, they will do.

So far, there are not many codes and they have just started to appear. As we find new codes, we will update the list.

Fallout 4 Cheat Codes Activation

Everything is simple here, as in previous games from Bethesda, to enter the cheat code, you need to call the console by pressing the “~” key. Enter the required code and press “Enter”.

Fallout 4 cheat codes list

Basic codes

tgm – god mode (immortality).
tai – disables AI, all NPCs standstill.
tcai – Disables combat AI.
tcl – allows you to walk through walls (on / off)
kill – kill the selected target (first mark with the mouse).
kill [ID] – kill the target with the desired ID.
killall – kill all targets nearby.
resurrect – revives the target (first we mark it with the mouse).
resurrect [ID] – revives the target with the given ID.
unlock – open a door or a safe (first mark with the mouse).
activate – open a door that is opened in the game with remote control, not a key.
tmm 1 – marks all locations on the map.
setav aggression 0 – improve your relationship with the NPC.
coc qasmoke – get into a secret location, read more about it here.
setgs fJumpHeightMin [number] – changes the height of your jump, the higher the number, the higher you fly.
sexchange – change the gender of a character.
tdetect – NPCs no longer see you.
caqs – Complete all main quests.
set ownership – makes the thing named (yours).
setscale [number] – Increases your size or NPC size, range from 1 to 10.
set timescale to [digit] – speed up or slow down the time (value 16.1 is the default, decreasing or increasing this number we will slow down or speed up the time).
player.modav [name] [number] – increase the required skill by the specified number.
player.setlevel [number] – increase your level.
player.setav carry weight [digit] – increase the carry weight limit.
player.modav health [number] – changes the amount of health of the hero.

Interface codes

tfc – free camera.
tm – remove the entire interface (note, the console will also disappear, you will have to re-enable the interface by touch).
twf – turn on the “Wire Frame” grid – fun, but not very useful.

Codes for adding items

player.placeatme [item ID or NPC] [number] – will summon an item near you (ID list below).
player.additem [item ID] [number] – will add the selected item to the inventory (list of IDs below).

An example of using the command: player. add item 000000f 1000 – this code will add 1000 caps to your inventory.

Main Item ID List

0000000F – covers
0000000A – hairpins (hairpins)
00075FE4 – Power Armor Core
0004F4A6 – Stealth Boy
00023736 – stimulant
00023742 – antiradin
00024057 – Rad-X
000366С5 – Screw
00033778 – Buffout
000366С0 – purified water
0004835F – Nuclear Cola Quantum
000366C4 – whiskey
000211DD – beer

Building Material ID List

001BF72E – glue
0006907a – aluminum
0006907c – copper
0006907V – wiring
0006907E – gears
0006907d – crystal
0006554A – miracle glue
0006907f – plastic
000731a3 – tree
00106d98 – rubber
106D99 – concrete
000731a4 – steel
000aec5d – bone
000aec5f – textiles
00069087 – optical fiber
000AEC5E – ceramics
000AEC63 – lead
000AEC5С – asbestos
000AEC62 – gold
000AEC64 – leather
000AEC60 – plug
001BF732 – oil
001BF72D – acid
00069082 – spring
00069086 – nuclear component
00069085 – glass
00069081 – bolt
0004D1F2 – electrical tape
00059b1e – turpentine
000AEC61 – fiberglass
000aec66 – silver
000aec5b – protective fibers

Weapon ID list

0001F669 – minigun
000BD56F – fat man
00171B2B – cryolator
00069088 – super hammer
000D8576 – Deathclaw Glove

Unique weapon ID list

000E9A43 – 2076 World Championship Baseball Bat
00183FCD – Grognak’s Ax
000FA2FB – Shish Kebab
000DC8E7 – Pistol Liberator (Deliverer)
000E98E5 – Hallucinogenic Gas Grenade
000FD11B – Zalp ship cannon
000FE268 – rail rifle
0017A880 – Tooth Kremva
000E942B – Junk Jet (Junk Jet)
00065DEC – radio beacon
00174F8F – institute beacon

Ammunition ID list

0001F66B – .308 cartridges
0004CE87 – .38 cartridges
0009221C – .44 cartridges
0001F66A – .45 cartridges
0001F279 – .50 cartridges
0001F66C – 5 mm cartridges
0001F278 – 5.56 cartridges
0001F276 – cartridges 10 mm
0001F673 – Shotgun Ammo
000FE269 – railroad crutch
0018ABDF – 2mm electromagnetic cartridge
0001DBB7 – plasma charge
0018ABE2 – cryo cell
000C1897 – nuclear battery
000CAC78 – Flamethrower Fuel
001025AA – Alien Blaster Ammo
000DF279 – Gamma Cannon Ammo
000FD11C – cannonball
000CABA3 – rockets
000E6B2E – mini nuclear charge
001025AE – signal flare

Power Armor Part ID List

00140С52 – left hand (SB Raiders)
00140С53 – right hand (SB Raiders)
00140С54 – head (SB Raiders)
00140С55 – left leg (SB Raiders)
00140С56 – right leg (SB Raiders)
00140С57 – torso (SB Raiders)
00154ABD – T-45 left hand
00154ABE – T-45 right hand
00154ABF – T-45 head
00154AC0 – T-45 left leg
00154AC1 – T-45 right leg
00154AC2 – T-45 torso
00140C4C – T-51 left hand
00140C4D – T-51 right hand
00140C4E – T-51head
00140C4F – T-51left leg
00140C50 – T-51 right leg
00140C51 – T-51 body
00140C3D – T-60 left hand
00140C45 – T-60 right hand
00140C4A – T-60 head
00140C3F – T-60 right leg
00140C49 – T-60 left leg
00140С42 – T-60 torso
00154AC3 – X-01 left hand
00154AC4 – X-01 right hand
00154AC5 – X-01 head
00154AC7 – X-01 right leg
00154AC6 – X-01 left leg
00154AC8 – X-01 torso

Monster ID list

00066644 – synth
001a03f6 – synth patrol (paratrooper)
00056917 – signal flare to call the Rotary wing
000008ee – robot guard
0023b50a – exterminator robot guard MK-II
000cfb4a – siege security robot
00000a26 – MK-IV security robot prototype
0001db4c – death claw
001423aa – wild death claw
001423ab – white death claw
001423ac – chameleon death claw
001423a8 – glowing death claw
001423a7 – death claw alpha male
001423a9 – queen of death claws
001423ad – mythical death claw
00090c37 – mutant hound
0012240d – Glowing Mutant Hound
000edcc6 – super mutant
0014ae58 – super mutant kamikaze
000edcc7 – Super Mutant Scout
000edcc8 – Super Mutant Raider
000edcc9 – super mutant brute
000edcca – Super Mutant Butcher
000edccb – Super Mutant Master
002983e5 – Super Mutant Boss
000bc1ef – super mutant elder
002983e7 – Super Mutant Chieftain
000bb7dd – monster (hippo)
0012b97a – luminous monster (hippo)
0012b97b – epic monster (hippo)
0012b97c – ancient monster (hippopotamus)
000d39e9 – wild ghoul
000d39ea – wild ghoul tramp
00165790 – wild ghoul stalker
000d39eb – wild ghoul the ripper
000d39ec – Withered Wild Ghoul
0011669e – Gangrenous Wild Ghoul
0007ed07 – rotten ghoul
001166a0 – burnt wild ghoul
000d39ed – glowing wild ghoul
0011669f – rotten glowing ghoul
000a0eee – bloated glowing wild ghoul
0001d966 – mole rat
000b100f – queen of mole rats
001832f6 – rabid mole rat
001832f7 – glowing mole rat
000db0a5 – Vault 81 laboratory mole rat
001e61e0 – fire protectoron
001e61e3 – medical protectoron
00121d4f – Protector-Guardian
00249af6 – Protector Guardian (Legendary)
001d77a0 – building protectoron
001e61e4 – Police Protectoron

List of IDs of dolls (figurines)

00178b63 – strength
00178b5d – perception
00178b5a – luck
00178b58 – intelligence
00178b55 – stamina
00178b54 – charisma
00178b51 – Agility
00178b64 – unarmed
00178b62 – eloquence
00178b61 – stealth
00178b60 – small guns
00178b53 – big guns
00178b56 – energy weapon
00178b5f – Science
00178b5e – repair
00178b52 – barter
00178b5b – medicine
00178b5c – melee
00178b59 – picking locks
00178b57 – explosives

Food ID list

009DCC4 – Tooshka
00033102 – mutafruit
000F742E – carrot
000330F8 – corn
000EF24D – pumpkin
000FAFEB – watermelon
000E0043 – razor cloud

List of legendary armor mod IDs

To add an effect to the armor, you need to do the following. Open the console, type the command and [property ID] (by clicking on the item), to remove it, type removed [property ID] (also by clicking on the item).

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