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Evil Within Cheat Codes: A Guide To Increase The Frame Rate

A horror movie from Bethesda Softworks and developers from the Tango Gameworks studio called The Evil Within has been released. In this regard, we want to share with you a couple of “secrets” – how to increase the frame rate and open cheat codes.

Activating Cheat Codes The Evil Within

For future manipulations, you need to activate the “console” in the game. To do this, in Steam, right-click on the game and bring up the “Properties” menu. In the “General” tab, click the “Set launch options” button and enter the following value: “+ com_allowconsole 1 _” (you do not need to enter quotes).

After the done procedure, you can open the console by pressing the Insert key. Below is a list of commands that you will need to enter in the open “console”:

Increase frame rate (FPS) The Evil Within

R_swapinterval -2 (sets the limit of 30 FPS);
R_swapinterval -1 (sets a limit of 60 FPS);
R_swapinterval 0 (unlimited, possibly animation bugs).

The Evil Within cheat codes list

God – the legendary “god” mode;
Noclip – walking through walls;
G_infiniteammo 1 – infinite ammo;
G_stoptime 1 – time-pause or stop time (0 – reactivate time);
Toggledebugcamera – free flight of the camera;
Com_showFPS 1 – display the frame counter;
R_forceaspectratio – aspect ratio of the screen (2.5 standard, 1.8 or 2 – minimizes black bars);
Startslowmotion2 – matrix effect (time dilation);
Stopslowmotion – disable time dilation.

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Evil Within Cheat Codes: A Guide To Increase The Frame Rate
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