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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Cheat Codes – Console Commands

Skyrim is the latest sequel to one of the best and most successful RPG series, The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim, and brings players a truly unforgettable adventure.

Skyrim is a harsh snowy land in which you will meet many races, the most unseen and dangerous creatures, as well as countless quests. We have prepared for you a list of all the known cheat codes (console commands) that are designed to make your trip to Skyrim as interesting and exciting as possible.

Activating cheat codes The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

To activate cheat codes, you need to open the console with the “~” key, then enter the desired command and press Enter. In principle, nothing complicated, as in all games from the “Besedka”.

List of cheat codes for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Basic codes

tcl – walk through walls.
tgm – invulnerability.
tmm 1 – open all locations on the map for fast travel.
psb – Learn all spells, dragon shouts, and talents.
killall – kill all NPCs around the hero.
qqq – close the game.
advlevel – get a level without ability points.
tfc – free camera.
tdetect – disables the NPC’s reaction to theft.
tcai – disables artificial intelligence.
set timescale to 0 – stop time, changing the value can be accelerated or slowed down.
sexchange – change the character’s gender.
showracemenu – the character creation window, in which you can change race, gender, name, and appearance settings.
player.setlevel X – change the character level (from 1 to 255)
player.setav invisibility 1 – enable invisibility.
player.setav invisibility 0 – turn off invisibility.
player.modav carryweight X – add X to the maximum carrying capacity of the character.
player.setav speedmult X – change the speed of the character.
player.setscale X – change the height of the character, where X: 1 – 100%, 2 -200%, etc.
setgs fJumpHeightMin 100 – jump height.
player.setav Health X – change the maximum number of lives.
player.setav Magicka X – change the maximum amount of magic.
player.setav Stamina X – change the maximum amount of stamina.
player.setav attackdamagemult X – change weapon damage.
player.setav leftweaponspeedmult X – change the attack speed of one-handed weapons.
player.setav weaponspeedmult X – change the attack speed of an additional and two-handed weapon.
player.setav LeftitemCharge X – load the main weapon, no more than 3000.
player.setav RightitemCharge X – charge an additional or two-handed weapon, no more than 3000.
player.additem 0000000F X – add X gold coins.
player.additem 0000000A X – add X master keys.
player.placeatme 0010BF90 – summon a spectral horse.
player.setcrimegold 0 – cancel the character’s head bounty.
player.addspell 00092C48 – add the “Lycanthropy” skill to transform into a wolf/werewolf.
player.addspell 000B8780 – add the “Sanguinare Vampires” skill to turn into a vampire.
player.moveto [id] – move to the object (NPC).
coc qasmoke – teleport to a test location.
coc riverwood – teleport from the test location to Riverwood (you can replace the location with any other).
player.setpos [coordinates] [number] – move the hero to the specified coordinates (x, y, z).
player.getpos [coordinates] – find out your location, coordinates (x, y, z).
player.removeallitems – remove all items from the inventory.

Object manipulation codes

pride [id] – select an object by its id (you can find out the adi by opening the console and pointing at it with the cursor).
stopcombat – stop fighting an NPC.
kill – kill the selected hero or creature.
resurrect 1 – resurrect.
resetai – clears the memory of the selected NPC, as if you weren’t talking to him.
openactorcontainer 1 – open the inventory of the selected character.
removeallitems – clear the inventory of the specified creature.
equipitem [id] – add the required item to the selected character.
inv – the inventory of the selected object.
duplicateallitems player – copy everything from the inventory of the selected NPC to your inventory.
resetinventory – Returns the default inventory contents.
setownership – get ownership of the selected item.
unlock – open the lock.
disable – hide the selected item.
enable – show the hidden object.
markfordelete – delete the selected item or NPC.

Skill level change

We use the command player.setav [skill name] X – take the skill name below from the list, and X – the desired value of the changed skill.

OneHandedPowerMod is a one-handed weapon.
TwoHandedPowerMod is a two-handed weapon.
MarksmanPowerMod – bows.
BlockPowerMod – shield.
SmithingPowerMod – Blacksmithing.
HeavyArmorPowerMod – Heavy armor.
LightArmorPowerMod – light armor.
PickPocketPowerMod – pickpocketing.
LockpickingPowerMod – hack.
SneakPowerMod – stealth.
AlchemyPowerMod – Alchemy.
SpeechcraftPowerMod – Speech.
AlterationPowerMod – change.
ConjurationPowerMod – witchcraft.
DestructionPowerMod – destruction.
IllusionPowerMod is an illusion.
RestorationPowerMod – recovery.
EnchantingPowerMod – enchantment.

Leveling skills (skills)

advskill [skill] X – get X experience for the required skill (list below).
player.setav [skill] X – set the X level to the desired skill (list below).

Alchemy – alchemy.
Alteration is a change.
Conjuration is witchcraft.
Destruction is destruction.
Enchanting – enchanting.
The illusion is an illusion.
Restoration – restoration.
Marksman – shooting.
Block – block.
HeavyArmor – heavy armor.
LightArmor – light armor.
Lockpicking is a hack.
Onehanded is a one-handed weapon.
Twohanded – two-handed weapon.
Pickpocket – pickpocketing.
Smithing – blacksmithing.
Sneak – stealth.
Speechcraft – eloquence.

Codes for getting armor, weapons and other loot

To get what we won’t use the command player.additem [id] [count] . Below is a list of different item ids: armor, weapons, etc.

Daedric Armor:

0001396B – armor.
0001396A – boots.
000D7A8C – boots + 50% fire resistance.
000D7A8B – boots with silent movement.
000D7A8A – boots +50 units. carrying capacity.
0001396D – helmet.
0001396C – gloves.
0001396E – shield.
000D7AF9 – shield + 70% resistance to electricity.
000D7AF6 – shield + 70% cold resistance.
0010DFA3 – shield + 22% magic resistance.

Dragon Shell Armor:

00013965 – boots.
00013966 – armor.
00013967 – gloves.
00013969 – helmet.
00013968 – shield.

Dragon Scale Armor:

0001393D – boots.
0001393E – armor.
0001393F – gloves.
00013940 – helmet.
00013941 – shield.

Unique items:

0007C932 – Archmage’s Robe.
000F9904 – Scientist’s Diadem.
000FC5BF – Bloodlust Tarch.
000E41D8 – Shield of Ysgramor.
000295F3 – Ingol’s Helmet.
000S8911 – Amulet of Akatosh.
0002D773 – Amulet of Goldur.
000C891B – Amulet of Mary.
00061CB9 – Krosis.
00061C8B – Moroney.
00061CA5 – Nakrin.
00061CC9 – Woken.
00061CC2 – Otar.
00061CC0 – Ragot.
00061CAB – Wolsung.
00061CC1 – Hevnorak.
00061CCA – Wooden mask.
00061CD6 – Torch.

Daedric Weapons:

000139B4 – ax.
0001DDFB – Inferno ax +30 units. fire damage.
0001DFCB – ax of lightning +30 units. damage from electricity. (takes 15 units of magic).
000139B5 – bow.
0001DFEF – Petrification Bow – chance to paralyze the target for 6 sec.
0001DFE6 – Inferno bow – +30 units. fire damage; sets the target on fire.
0001DFE9 – winter bow – +30 units. cold damage (takes 30 units of stamina).
0001DFF2 – Lightning Bow – +30 units. damage from electricity (takes 15 units of magic).
0001DFFC – sacred bow (undead level 40 take flight).
000139B6 – a dagger.
000139B7 – two-handed sword.
000139B8 – mace.
000139B9 – sword.
000139B3 – battle-ax.
000139BA – war hammer.

Unique weapon:

000F1AC1 – Dragon Scourge – +40 units. damage to dragons and +10 pts. damage from electricity.
000F5D2D – Pale Blade – +25 units. cold damage; subtract 50 strength from the target; weaker creatures and humans flee for 30 sec.
000956B5 – Wootrad – Especially deadly against elves.
000B3DFA – Eye of Crayon – Fire Blast deals 40 damage. damage within a radius of 4.5 m. and sets the target on fire.
000A4DCE – Bloodthorn – Fills the soul stone if the enemy dies within 3 seconds.
00053379 – Fierce – +15 units. cold damage; takes 15 units. the strength of the enemy.
000F8317 – Cooler – +30 units. cold damage; chance to paralyze target for 2 sec.
0001C4E6 – Ax of Sorrow – Takes away 20 units. the strength of the enemy.
00035369 – Staff of Magnus – Absorbs 20 units. magic per second, if the enemy has no magic, it absorbs its health.
0010076D – Staff of Hevnorak – Within 30 sec. deals 50 damage. lightning damage per second.
000AB704 – Staff of Kholdir – Soothes weak enemies for 60 sec. or captures their souls if they die.
000E5F43 – Staff of Yurik Goldurson – deals 25 damage. damage and takes 50 pts. of magic.
00094A2B – Ghost Blade – +3 units. additional damage, ignoring armor.
000AB703 – Curse of the Red Eagle – Sets fire to undead level 13 and below, and makes them flee for 30 seconds.
0009FD50 – Rage of the Red Eagle – +5 units. fire damage and sets the target on fire.
000B994E – Valdar’s Happy Dagger – + 25% critical strike chance.
0006A093 – Staff of Tandil – Creatures and people of level 12 and below do not fight for 60 seconds.


000240D2 – Razor of Mehrunes – Chance to kill the enemy when dealing with damage.
000233E3 – Mace of Molag Bal – Takes away 25 units. reserves of strength and magic fill the soul stone if the enemy dies within 3 seconds.
0004E4EE – Radiance of Dawn – +10 units. damage. When killing undead, there is a chance of a fire explosion that drives or destroys nearby undead.
000EA29C – Ebony Blade – The target does not treat a weapon attack as an attack.
0001C4E6 – Ax of Sorrow – Takes away 20 units. reserve of strength.
0002ACD2 – Volendrang – Takes away 50 units. reserve of strength.
0002AC6F – Wabbajack – Random effect on every use.
0001CB36 – Rose of Sanguine – Summons Dremora for 60 seconds.
00035066 – Skull of Corruption – +20 units. damage. Dreams collected from sleeping people increase damage to 50.
0002AC61 – Savior’s Skin – + 50% Poison Resistance and + 15% Magic.
00052794 – Ebony Mail – You move more quietly, and opponents who come too close take 5 points of poison damage per second.
000D2846 – Mask of Clavicus Vile – +10 to eloquence. Magic recovery speed + 5%. Favorable prices + 20%.
00045F96 – Spellbreaker – After blocking, absorbs up to 50 damage. damage from spells.
0002C37B – Namira’s Ring – +50 units. reserve of strength. By devouring corpses, you increase your health level and recovery rate.
0002AC60 – Ring of Hircine – Additional transformation for werewolves.
0001A332 – Oghma Infinum – book.
00063B27 – Star of Azura – Infinite soul stone.
00063B29 – Black Star – Stone of Souls.
0003A070 – Skeleton Key – Infinite Lockpick.


00039BE5 – fully restores health.
00039BE7 – fully restores magic.
00039CF3 – fully restores the reserve of strength.
00073F34 – Deadly poison – 65 units. poison damage.
00039D12 – Enchanter’s Elixir.
00039967 – Blacksmith’s elixir.

Soul stones:

0002E4F4 – large empty.
0002E4FB – Large (Large).
0002E4FC – great empty.
0002E4FF – Great (Great).
0002E500 – black empty.
0002E504 – black (Great).
00063B27 – Star of Azura.
00063B29 – Black star of Azura.


00038341 – Falmer.
00034182 – Ancient Nordic.
000236DD – dart.
00020F02 – rusty iron.
00020DDF – iron.
000139C0 – Daedric.
000139BF – ebony.
000139BE – glass.
000139BD – elven.
000139BC – Dwemer.
000139BB – Orcish.
0001397F – steel.

Item Chests

Summons a chest with all items from the selected category!

000C2CDF – Enchanted Weapon.
000C2CD7 – enchanted armor, jewelry.
000C2CE0 is a standard weapon.
000C2CD6 – Standard armor.
000C2CDE – staves.
000C2CD8 – armor and jewelry.
0010D9FF – Skill books.
000C2CD9 – spellbooks.
000C2D3B – regular books.
000C2CD4 – arrows.
000C2CDA – ingredients.
000C2CDB – keys.
000C2CE1 – Scrolls with spells.
000C2CE2 – potions, elixirs and tinctures.

Dragon screams

PSB – add all the dragon shouts.
player.teachword [id] – add the required shout.
player.modav dragon souls [number] – add the required number of dragon souls.
player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0 – removes the cooldown from shouts.

Each shout consists of three words. You need to learn all three words and in order.

Screams from Skyrim:

46B89 / 46B8A / 46B8B – Call of the Dragon.
13E22 / 13E23 / 13E24 – Ruthless Force.
602A3 / 602A4 / 602A5 – Ice Form.
6029A / 6029B / 6029C – Lightning Call.
20E17 / 20E18 / 20E19 – Fire breath.
48ACA / 48ACB / 48ACC – Time dilation.
2F7BB / 2F7BC / 2F7BD – Rapid dash.
60291/60292/60293 – Friendship with animals.
3291D / 3291E / 3291F – Elemental Fury.
32917/32918/32919 – Ethereal.
5D16C / 5D16D / 5D16E – Frosty breath.
602A0 / 602A1 / 602A2 – Voice cast.
5FB95 / 5FB96 / 5FB97 – Disarmament.
3CD31 / 3DC32 / 3CD33 – Clear sky.
51960/51961/51962 – Call of valor.
44251/44252/44253 – Dragon Slayer.
60297/60298/60299 – Death sentence.
60294/60295/60296 – Whisper of aura.
6029D / 6029E / 6029F – World of kin.
3291A / 3291B / 3291C – Fright.

Screams from Dawnguard expansion:

02008A65 / 02008A64 / 02008A63 – Drain life.
020030D4 / 020030D6 / 020030D7 – Calling Durnevir.
02007CB7 / 02007CB8 / 02007CB9 – Soul break.
0201A162 / 0201A163 / 0201A164 – Calling from the Cairn of Souls.

Shouts from the Dragonborn expansion:

040200E4 / 040200E5 / 040200E6 – Fury of the battle.
040179D9 / 040179DA / 040179DB – Submission of the will.
040200C2 / 040200C3 / 040200C4 – Cyclone.
0401DF93 / 0401DF94 / 0401DF95 – Dragon Incarnation.

Quest codes

showquesttargets – Specifies the ID of the active job.
getstage [id] – shows the stage of the selected task.
setstage [id] [stage] – set the stage of the selected task.
movetoqt [id] – move to the point of the task execution.
sqs [id] – show the list of stages of the active task.
resetquest [id] – reset all stages of the quest to go through it again.
player.completequest [id] – complete the quest, do not use it if it is an intermediate quest in the quest chain.

Enchanting items and weapons

For enchanting use the command: PlayerEnchantObject [item id] [enchantment id # 1] [enchantment id # 2] . The item or weapon must be without upgrades, and the enchantment skill is preferably 100. Each item can only accept two enchantments! Below is a list of all enchant IDs.

Increasing skills (for items):

0008B65C – alchemy.
0007A0FE – shooting.
0007A104 – trade.
0007A0F3 – block.
0007A0F9 – heavy armor.
0007A0FB – light armor.
0007A0FC – hack.
0007A0FF – one-handed weapon.
0007A106 – two-handed weapon.
0007A100 – pickpocketing.
0007A102 – blacksmithing.
0007A103 – stealth.

Increasing stats (for items):

00049504 – magic.
000493AA – health.
00049507 – power reserve.

List of cheat codes for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Regeneration (for items):

0007A0FD – mana.
0007A0F8 – health.
0007A105 – power reserve.

Resistance (for items):

00048C8B – to fire.
00048F45 – cold.
00100E60 – disease.
000B7A35 – all magic.
000FF15E – poison.
00049295 – electricity.

Reducing school magic consumption (for items):

00109634 – recovery.
00109633 – illusions.
00109631 – destruction.
0010962F – witchcraft.
0010962E – changes.

Other (for items):

0007A0F4 – weight to be carried.
000424E2 – damage without weapons.
00092A57 – silent movement.
00092A48 – underwater breathing.
0010E809 – all spells consume 3% less magic.
0008850D – The cooldown of Shouts is reduced by 20%.
000F82FF – additional transformation into a werewolf.
00017120 – increased armor class.
000FF15C – double damage for stealth attacks with one-handed weapons.

Damage (for weapons):

0004605A – by fire.
0004605B – ​​cold.
0004605C – electricity.
0010582E – Nords.
00105831 – for animals.
000FEFBC – Light of Meridia, burns the target and drives away the undead.

Absorbs (for weapons):

000AA155 – health.
000AA156 – magic.
000AA157 – power reserve.

Takes away (for weapons):

0005B44F – magic.
0005B450 – power reserve.

Other (for weapons):

0003B0B1 – additional damage at night.
000ACBB5 – banishment of Daedra.
0001EA77 – fear.
0005B46B – scaring away the undead.
0001EA6E – paralysis.
0004DBA3 – Soul Capture.
001019D6 – increases blacksmithing and deals with electricity damage.
0002C593 – Elemental rage, increased attack speed.

Codes of various objects

Use the following command to summon the item or object you want: player.placename [id] . After the id parameter, you can also specify the number of desired items (not valid for all).

Crafting tools:

000BAD0D – pentagram of souls (large).
000D5501 – pentagram of souls (small).
000BAD0C – alchemical laboratory (large).
000D54FF – alchemy laboratory (small).
000727A1 – tanning machine for leather dressing.
0006E9C2 – whetstone.
000BF9E1 – forge (large).
000BBCF1 – heavenly forge (very large).
0001A2AD – anvil.
0009C6CE – smelter.
000D932F – workbench.


000B8F4B – Brignolph’s purse.
000B8F40 – Madesi Wallet.
000FF20A – Nystrom’s Wallet.
000AF265 – Raids Wallet.
00085D53 – Sartis’ purse.
00043E29 – Weilandrim Purse # 1.
00043E2C – Weilandrim Wallet # 2.
00043E2D – Weilandrim Wallet # 3.
000F03EE – Jzar’s Bag.
0001722D – Shoulder bag.
000B7879 – Shoulder bag.
000F0402 – Sulla Trebatius’s bag.


0003278A – Dwemer crate.
0008B6F6 – Love Repository.
0008B6F8 – Resin storage.


0004C6C6 – Aringot’s safe.
000D7770 – Safe of Nirania.
00102EB8 – Scarlet Wave Safe.
000E82C2 – Safe Brand-Neck.
000B8F48 – Brignolf’s Safe.
000B8F32 – Grelha’s safe.
00076F13 – Safe Madhesi.


0010FBF6 – Heap Hearts Storage.
00066181 – Calixto’s Chest.
0007CD37 – Captain’s Chest.
0010E7E5 – Confiscated goods.
000267E7 – Physical evidence.
0010DD41 – Guild Chest.
0003C59C – Ingun’s Alchemical Chest.
000B8589 – Jorgen’s Chest.
0004EC4F – Darkli’s Chest.
00108D36 – Chest with prisoners’ property.
000DC173 – Sabina’s Chest.
00023A6D – Trophies from the wrecked ship.
0002AC72 – Items are taken away.
000EA299 – An ownerless chest.
000B622D – Warden’s chest.
00087900 – The flooded chest is empty.
00062F5D – Flooded chest.
00062F5F – Flooded chest.
000D30CC – Investigators Chest.
000D8E4B – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest # 1.
000D8E4C – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest # 2.
000D8E4D – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest # 3.
000D882F – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest # 4.
000D8830 – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest # 5.
000D882D – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest # 6.
000D8831 – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest # 7.
000D882E – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest # 8.
000D54C5 – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest # 9.
000DDEF7 – Velek Sein’s chest.
000F68AE – Guild Chapter Chest.

Various home decorations:

B2456 – dragon head.
3FA65 – moose antlers.
D9285 – crab.
D9276 – goat head.
3858F – fish.
DD9E0, DD9E1, CF264 – moose head.
D928F, D928D – cat head.
D9289, D9288 – wolf head.
D9287, D927D – animal head.
D8282, D9281, D927F – bear head.
5C015, 5C016, 5C017 – animal skin.
7EA42 – wall candles.
1F24A – table candle.
5AD5B – ceiling luminaire.

List of IDs of all NPCs in Skyrim

To summon an NPC, use the command: player.placename [id] [count] . It is not necessary to specify the number, and also note that this parameter will not work with every NPC.

Attention! Since the list of all NPCs is huge, more than 3700 lines, we brought all the codes into a separate file and attached them below. Anyone can download it and find the desired ID.

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