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Digger Online Cheat Codes: Gold and More

How to quickly get a large amount of gold and what are the types of cheats in the game Digger Online.

Digger Online is a game, the developers of which were inspired by Minecraft and decided to create their own project. The game is distributed free of charge through the VK social network, which attracted a large audience of fans. It is quite natural that many people want to get all in-game bonuses and items as quickly as possible, but in fact, this requires a lot of time.

It is worth warning in advance those who want to get an unlimited number of coins. There are many scammers who promise instant access to all game benefits and offer you various cheats, but this is simply impossible. None of the real-life hacking programs can have such functions.

In total, there are only two working programs that can really simplify the game, they are KopHack and MegaHack. Both programs have a similar principle of operation but still differ due to some peculiarities. It should be noted that the programs are regularly updated, so you need to use the most recent version. Moreover, outdated versions may not work. Each program has two special modes: war and construction.

Properties in Build Mode:

Jump – significantly increases the height during the jump.
Flight – allows you to fly (by holding down the spacebar).
Unlimited oxygen – makes underwater breathing constant.
Swift Pickaxe – speeds up the pickaxe, and also adds the ability to destroy objects with one blow.
Antilava – Eliminates all damage from hitting lava.
SpeedHack – significantly increases the speed of movement of the character.

Properties in the “War” mode:

Shooting through walls – makes it possible to fire through cubes.
Invisibility – limits players from finding you on the map.
Infinite Ammo – Yours will no longer run out of ammo.
Anti-recoil – Eliminates recoil when firing.
Megakill – Instant One-Hit Kill.

Properties of the “War” mode in MegaHack:

Any shot destroys cubes.
Accelerated recharge.
The ability to walk through walls.
Instant respawn after death in the same place.
Any weapon – makes it possible to choose and receive any existing type of weapon.

How to get gold and crystals in Digger Online (Digger Online)?

The most important way to get coins is to constantly visit the game. Moreover, bonus coins and crystals will increase, due to which the bonus amount will grow.
Take part in the race. If you are lucky enough to earn a prize, this will add 15 to 20 coins, if not, then only 2 coins as an incentive prize.
Crystals act as an additional game currency, which is much more difficult to obtain. They can only be purchased for VK votes, which are paid. The only way to get crystals is to enter the game, receiving daily bonuses.
Do not trust various programs such as CheatEngine or the like. Although they are trying to imitate obtaining gold, in fact, the principle of operation is aimed only at spending your funds.
It is also not advisable to use the double bonus available in MegaHack. This function has the property of copying your ID.

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Digger Online Cheat Codes: Gold and More
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