Cheat Codes on Subnautica: Game Speed and More

Subnautica is not just an underwater survival simulator, it is an exciting adventure. The player has to be an explorer of the underwater world. Coral reefs, underwater volcanoes, and other equally interesting and colorful locations, as well as underwater inhabitants. The locations contain hidden resources that the player will need in order to survive in a beautiful but dangerous world.

Subnautica Cheat Codes Activation

First of all, we pause the game via ESC, then press F3 and uncheck the Disable console (at the very top left). We close this window with F3 and unpause the game.

In the game itself, to enter the console, press ENTER, or ~ (tilde). All cheats are introduced in English. Name – the name of the item or object. Multi-word names are written without space (for example, regular wires – wiring kit, stasis rifle – stasis rifle, etc.), and # is the number of items.

List of Subnautica Cheat Codes

ITEM [NAME] [#] – adds items to inventory.
SPAWN [NAME] [#] – creates an animal or object in front of the player in the place where the sight is looking.
NODAMAGE – disables any damage from fish and the environment.
NOCOST – endless and free use of the Fabricator (no items needed to create).
OXYGEN is endless oxygen.
NIGHT – changes the time of day tonight.
DAY – changes the time of day today.
KILL – kills the player and transfers them to the escape pod.
WARPME – Instantly moves the player to the escape pod (keeping inventory).
SPEED [#] – sets game speed to # (default – 1). A value of 2 will make the game twice as fast. A value of 0.1 will slow the game down to 10.
DAYNIGHTSPEED [#] – the speed of change of day and night (by default – 1). A value of 2 will double the speed of day and night (shorter day and night). A value of 0.1 will make the day and night 10 times longer.
TAKEDAMAGE [#] – Deals # damage to the player.
NOSHADOWS – removes shadows, in order to return them, you need to restart the game.
NOBLOOM – removes the glow, in order to return it, you need to restart the game or put a tick on bloom in the F3 menu.
SPAWN – respawns the player at some distance, useful when getting stuck in a texture.
BUBBLES – Creates several bubbles of air around the player.

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Cheat Codes on Subnautica: Game Speed and More
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