Pillars of Eternity

Cheat Codes for Pillars of Eternity: Invulnerability and More

The Other day, the release of the classic RPG called Pillars of Eternity from renowned developers from Obsidian Entertainment took place. The game received many positive reviews, both from critics and from the players themselves. Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of cheat codes for Pillars of Eternity. But remember that activating them will make it impossible for you to earn achievements on Steam!

Activating Cheat Codes Pillars of Eternity

To activate the ability to enter cheat codes in the game, you need to open the console, press “~” and enter the command iroll20s, then press “Enter”. Please note that for codes that relate to your hero, you must enter his name or simply “Player”.

Pillars of Eternity Cheat Codes List

Bug – knocks out the game.
NoFog – disables fog of war.
God – “God” mode.
Rest – rest for eight hours.
Invisible – invisibility for your “group”.
HealParty – replenish the health of the “group”.
UnlockAll – unlock everything!
NoDamage 1 – makes you invulnerable.
NoDamage 0 – makes you vulnerable again.
GivePlayerMoney X – give player X money.
RemovePlayerMoney X – take money from the player X.
AddExperience X – Give group X an experience.
AddExperienceToLevel X – Raises the level to X, maximum 12.
CraftingDebug – the team gives loot for crafting.
FreeRecipesToggle – craft without specific ingredients.
ToggleSpellLimit – spells with no restrictions on use.
UnlockBestiary – open all Bestiary entries.
AdvanceTimeByHours X – scroll forward time by X hours.
AdvanceTimeToHour X – set the time in the game for X hours (X from 1 to 24).
SetZoomRange XY – set the zoom range minimum (X) and maximum (Y), default 0.75 and 1.5
AddItem XY – adds item X in the amount of Y (the name of the item should be written only in English).
AddAbility Player X – adds the player’s ability X (the name of the ability to write in English only). Instead of “Player”, you can write the name of the hero.
AttributeScore XY – sets the X attribute to Y (the name of the attribute should be written only in English. For example constitution, count, dexterity, intellect, might, perception and others).
Skill XY – sets skill X at level Y

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Cheat Codes for Pillars of Eternity: Invulnerability and More
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