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Cheat Codes For LEGO Jurassic World: Characters and More

Lego games are incredibly popular among teenagers and adults alike. This is why LEGO Jurassic World has become one of the most anticipated new products of 2015. The game is based on the acclaimed film “Jurassic World”, which once again makes people regret trying to revive the dinosaurs. This time you will have to survive on an island teeming with a wide variety of prehistoric creatures. Many of them are by no means herbivorous, so every step can be deadly. Tyrannosaurs, Brachiosaurs, predatory Raptors, and other creatures from a distant era will become a real test for every player, and unforgettable Lego graphics will leave a lot of impressions from every minute of the game.

LEGO Jurassic World Cheat Codes Activation

In order to enter the code you are interested in, click on the pause in the game and select the “Additional” section. After that, go to the “Surprises” section and enter the desired cheat. Have a nice game 😉

LEGO Jurassic World Cheat Codes List

BX9Z6R – Beater Ellis.
6MKHSG – Jimmy Fallon.
AV9DTJ – Ellie Degler.
SXZ7CC – Jenny’s Raptor Beater.
VK3TP3 – Carlos.
9GESXP – Carter.
EKCKLC – Dieter Stark.
5BETZ5 – Cooper (WFP).
BRLNWC – Nash (WFP).
A3HC7E – Henry Wu (Jurassic World).
3FE78R – Driver (Jurassic World).
XJS7UY – Overseer (Jurassic World).
L5AU6Y – Veterinarian (Jurassic World).
GW9TGH – Ranger (Jurassic World).
XJS7UY – Caretaker (Jurassic Park).
8WY3FV – Veterinarian (Jurassic Park).
PR2R6Y – John Hammond (The Lost World).
38YWVR – Hunter (Ying-Gen).
QKBCWT – Jerry (Ying-Gen).
RMVVB8 – Mechanic (Ying-Gen).
VZRSD3 – Mercenary (Ying-Gen).
XVXGXF – Scientist (Ying-Gen).
SKKLWC – Scientist (Ying-Gen).
8XL359 – Scout (Ying-Gen).
RAVKRT – Dennis Nedry (Costa Rica).
PFEBS6 – Udeski (Suit).
28SPSR – SK Fighter (Male).
AU25GR – UK Fighter (Woman).
XTH9A3 – Juanitta Rostagno.
YQ6S7Z – Beater Bob.
7VNLJT – Raptor Beater.
9NGZZQ – Josh Gyrosphere Operator.
5MZ73E – Doubles the collected coins.
JYJAFX – Mini-kit detector.

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Cheat Codes For LEGO Jurassic World: Characters and More
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