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Cheat Codes For GTA Vice City – Money And Weapons

The Vice City virtual world has become the fourth in the GTA series of computer games from the developer Rockstar Games. For the first time, the underworld of GTA Vice City was released in 2002 on PS2 and gained considerable popularity.

Sales are skyrocketing and Rockstar Vienna is rolling out a version for PC and Xbox. Since 2008, the game has been available on Steam. Conquering the criminal city of Vice City on touch mobile devices running iOS and Android became possible in 2012. Last year, a version for the PS3 game console was released.

Activating Cheat Codes GTA Vice City

Attention! To activate cheat codes for GTA Vice City (GTA: Wai City), they must be entered directly during the game. Remember that activating some cheat codes can prevent you from completing the game 100%.

List of cheat codes for GTA Vice City

Common codes:

Preciousprotection – Code for 100% armor.
Aspirine – Code for 100% health.
Thugstools – Code for a set of weapons of a sadistic killer.
Professionaltools – Code for professional weapons.
Nuttertools – Code for a weapon for a psycho.
Youwonttakemealive – Add two WANTED stars.
Leavemealone – Remove all WANTED stars.
Onspeed – Tommy walks faster.
Booooooring – Tommy walks slower.
Fannymagnet – Women love you.
Travelinstyle – Code for lightweight cars.
Bigbang – Blow up nearby cars.
Wheelsareallineed – Leave only wheels of cars.
Icanttakeitanymore – Commit suicide.
Fightfightfight – The people start to fight each other.
Nobodylikesme – People fall when pushed.
Ourgodgivenrighttobeararms – Give weapons to the crowd.
Greenlight – Make all traffic lights green.
Miamitraffic – Speed ​​up city traffic.
Certaindeath – Stick a cigarette in Tommy’s teeth.
СhickSwithguns – Of the pedestrians, only women have weapons.
Hopinggerl – The Vercetti Gang turns into girls.
Chasestat – Show Media Level.

Weather and time codes:

Apleasantday – Clear weather code.
Alovelyday – Romantic weather code.
Abitdrieg – Cloudy weather code.
Catsanddogs – Code for rainy weather.
Cantseeathing – Fog code.
Lifeispassingmeby – Speed ​​up the flow of playing time.

Codes for vehicles (cars, tank):

Panzer – Code for a tank.
Thelastride – Code for a hearse.
Rockandrollcar – Limousine code.
Rubbishcar – Garbage Truck Code.
Gettherefash – Code for a Saber Turbo vehicle.
Gettherequickly – Code for an old racing car.
Getthereveryfastindeed – Code for a modern racing car.
Getthereamazinglyfast – Code for a rally car.
Betterthanwalking – Golf cart code.

Transport control codes:

Gripiseverything – Code for improved machine control.
Seaways – Ability to ride on the water.
Airship – The ability to fly boats.
Comeflywithme – Flying Cars.
Loadsofittlethings – Increase the tires on some cars.
Ahairdreeserscar – All cars are pink.
Iwantitpaintedblack – All cars are black.

Skin change codes:

Stilllikedressingup – Randomly changes the player’s skin.
Looklikelance – Lance skin code.
Mysonisalawyer – Lawyer skin code.
Ilooklikehilary – Hilary skin code.
Rockandrollman – Rock ‘n’ Roller skin code.
Onearmedbandit – Code for the “One-armed bandit” skin.
Idonthavethemoneysonny – Code for the skin of the mafia.
Foxylittlething – Code for the skin of the daughter of a mafia.
Weloveourdick – Scotsman skin code.
Deepfriedmarsbars – You will get fat.
Programmer – You will get thin.

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Cheat Codes For GTA Vice City – Money And Weapons
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