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Alien Swarm Cheat Codes: Immortality And Infinite Ammo

Alien Swarm is a free sci-fi battle game. Originally developed by a team of enthusiasts, as a remake of the modification of the same name for Unreal Tournament 2004. The game was published by Valve Corporation in 2010, but already on the Source engine. The Alien Swarm cheat codes below will help you survive among the alien swarm, as well as provide additional opportunities.

Alien Swarm Cheat Codes Activation

To be able to enter codes, you must open the console window using the [~] (tilde) key and enter the command sv_cheats 1. Next, enter the required cheat code. Attention: codes do not work in “practice” mode.

Alien Swarm Cheat Codes List

asw_god 1 – immortality.
asw_gimme_ammo – full ammo.
asw_gimme_health – full life.
asw_auto_reload 0 – disables reloading.
asw_tilegen – new levels (generator).
firstperson – FPS or first-person view.
openserverbrowser – activate the server browser.
asw_horde_override 1 – activate the “The Director” engine.

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Alien Swarm Cheat Codes: Immortality And Infinite Ammo
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