Ghost of Tsushima Preload Available on PlayStation Store


You can prepare for the launch next week. Players who are interested in purchasing the digital version of Ghost of Tsushima can now preload the title on PlayStation Store.

This means that the transfer of the Sucker Punch title can be carried out, thus leaving players ready to start experiencing Jin Sakai’s adventure from the first minute after his arrival on the market.

There are two versions of the game on the PlayStation Store. The Standard Edition is available for pre-purchase for 69.99 euros and the Digital Deluxe Edition can be pre-booked for 79.99 euros. Whoever buys the work before the launch will be entitled to three bonuses: a “small” digital soundtrack of the game, a dynamic theme, and even an avatar for Jin for PlayStation 4.

The preload of the game, at the time of this writing, occupies 35.3GB in the memory of Sony’s home console. It is possible, however, that the size of the disk will increase with any updates that Sucker Punch does to its work.

Ghost of Tsushima will be published exclusively on PlayStation 4 next Friday, July 17th. The latest video, “A storm is approaching”, was published in late June and can be seen in this news.

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