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Saints Row 2 Cheats: The Third Cheat Codes, Weapons, Vehicles And Immortality

Third-Person Action Saints Row 2 Cheats: The Third by Volition, Inc. many have already dubbed a crazy parody of a series of GTA games. In this game, you will find everything the same as in the games from Rockstar Games, but seasoned with a large share of madness!
Below we have collected for you all the codes for Saints Row 2 Cheats: The Third, which will give you complete freedom of action and even more crazy ideas for implementation in the game!

Saints Row 2 Cheats: The Third Cheat Codes Activation

Activation of Saints Row 2 Cheats: The Third code takes place through an in-game mobile smartphone. To do this, open your phone (by default, the TAB key), then follow the menu “Extra -> Cheats -> Add Cheat” and boldly enter the codes.
Attention! When using codes, the game will cease to be automatically saved and you will not receive achievements (achievements).

Saints Row 2 Cheats: The Third Cheat Codes List

Gameplay Codes

are soffits – Add police wanted level (notoriety).
lolz – Add a gang search level.
cheese – Gives $ 100,000 of money.
fry hole – All the dead fly to heaven (literally).
goodygoody – Removes all levels of the police search.
oops – Removes all levels of gang search.
what it means to me – Gives 100,000 credibility.
run fast – Infinite sprint.
dlc_never_die – Immortality (DLC).
dlc_player_pratfalls – Includes falls, as in the part “Insurance Fraud” (DLC).
dlc_unlimited_ammo – Infinite Ammo (DLC).
dlc_unlimited_clip – Infinite clips, no need to recharge (DLC).

Codes affecting transport

dlc_car_mass – Your car receives infinite mass and pushes everything in its path (DLC).
repair car – Repair all damage to the current car.
vroom – The machine is not damaged.
squishy – A car destroys all vehicles it crashes into.

Codes for air transport

give condor – Condor (transport VTOL Boar).
giveeagle – Eagle (armored transport helicopter).
givespecter – Specter (VTOL scooter Boar).
givetornado – Tornado (attack helicopter).
givevtol – F-69 VTOL (VTOL fighter).
givevulture – Vulture (attack helicopter, similar to Mi-24).
givewoodpecker – Woodpecker.

Codes for motorcycles (bikes)

give Estrada – Estrada (classic bike).
Vivekananda – Kaneda (cool sports bike).
give Kenshin – Kenshin (sports bike).
give sandstorm – Sandstorm (motocross bike).
give widowmaker – Widowmaker (moped).

Codes for boats

give commander – Commander (combat patrol boat).
give Miami – Miami (speed boat).
give shark – Shark (jet ski).

Codes for cars

give ambulance – Ambulance (ambulance).
give anchor – Anchor (TV minibus).
give attra zone – Attrazione (race car).
give bootlegger – Bootlegger (cool muscle car).
give justice – Justice (major machine).
give enforcer – N-Forcer (Boar BRDM).
give peacemaker – Peacemaker (police car).
give phoenix – Phoenix (fast car).
give quasar – Quasar (SUV).
give municipal – Stilwater Municipal (garbage truck).
give taxi – Taxi (taxi).
give titan – Titan (collector armored car).
give vortex – Vortex (race car).

Codes for special transport

give challenger – Challenger (Stillport National Guard Tank).
give a mobile – Gat Mobile (get-car – minibus with Johnny Get’s head).
give Knoxville – Knoxville (small electric car).
give reaper – Reaper (hearse).
gives here – Ball (healthy ball).
give the status quo – Status Quo (Limo).
give toad – Toad (ATV, as in the part “Leaving Traces”).

Weapon Codes

lets rock – Gives all weapons.
give Napoca – Fist of the Apocalypse.
give baseball – A baseball bat.
give chainsaw – Chainsaw.
gives word – Nocturne Decker Sword.
give dildo – Dildo.
give stun gun – The stun gun.
give Sheperd – large-caliber pistol 45 Shepherd (250 rounds).
give Obra – Police gun KA-1 Cobra (250 rounds).
give Krukov – K-8 Hooks assault rifle (500 rounds).
givear55 – Assault rifle AR-55 (500 rounds).
giveslm8 – Laser Rifle “Viper” (500 charges).
give digger – Shotgun Gravedigger (100 rounds).
give Ultimax – Shotgun AS3 Ultimax (100 rounds).
give hammer – S3X Laser Shotgun Hammer (100 charges).
give cyber SMG – PP Cyber Blaster (1000 charges).
give – software TEK Z-10 (1000 rounds).
give blossom – PP Death Flower (1000 rounds).
give airstrike – Airstrike SA-3 (2 charges).
give cyber – Cyber Cannon (1000 rounds).
give drone – The Reaper drone (8 missiles).
give run – Lord of the RC-V (12 charges).
give sniper – McManus 2015 sniper rifle (40 rounds).
give sonic – Sound beat.
give RPG – Grenade launcher (10 missiles).
gives satchel – Knapsack charges (6 charges).
give electric – Electrogarnets (4 pieces).
give flash-bang – Flash noise grenade (4 pieces).
give grenade – Shrapnel grenades (4 pieces).
give Molotov – Molotov cocktails (4 pieces).
give flame thrower – Flamethrower (1000 Ammo).
give launcher – G20 launcher (90 Ammo).
give mini gun – Minigun (1200 rounds).
give shield – Police shield.
give rocket – Impact Hammer (10 charges).

Codes Affecting the World

DUI – Drunk pedestrians.
brains – All pedestrians turn into zombies.
turkeyburgers – Another immortality.
golden gun – One-shot kills.
dlc_low_gravity – Low Gravity (DLC).
mascot – All pedestrians become “talismans” (as in sports).
dlc_super_explosions – Explosions four times stronger (DLC).
no hud – Removes the HUD (interface).
hohoho – All pedestrians become prostitutes and pimps.
not rated – All slain explode.
dlc_super_saints – All Saints get stronger (DLC).

Weather codes

ticktock – Changes the time of day.
clear skies – Clears the sky.
heavy rain – Turns on heavy rain.
light rain – Turns on light rain.
Overcast – Sends clouds.

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Saints Row 2 Cheats: The Third Cheat Codes, Weapons, Vehicles And Immortality
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