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Guide Mafia 3: Helpful Tips For Beginners

The world of Mafia 3 has become much more open than in the previous parts. Now you can wage entire mafia wars, race through the streets in any car of your choice, and even take control of an entire area, fully controlling it. Such a wide variety of opportunities and activities can lead to the fact that you will simply skip or not notice some elements that will turn out to be quite important in the future.

To avoid this, we will consider the most important points that will allow you to get used to both those who have never played in the Mafia series and those who have repeatedly played previous games.

Mafia 3 Tips For Beginners

General Tips:

In the menu, you can find an option that switches the non-lethal and lethal types of disposal. This will be relevant in cases where you do not want to allow unnecessary victims.

Peaceful people will respond to weapons in your hands, raise the alarm, and call the police. Try not to provoke or “pacify” them before they attract attention to you.

If you see a switchboard, then always try to interact with it. It will allow you to discover extremely useful things on the map, including collectibles, weapons, and ammunition, as well as many other game values. It is worth noting that the shield acts only in a certain radius.

It is not necessary to kill officers of low rank, although this can greatly simplify the implementation of the tasks of the main plot.

At the beginning of the game, customization of Lincoln will not be available to you, however, in the future, developers will add such an option to the game.

Try to save money on deposits as often as you can. In case of death, this will avoid significant losses.

Having completed the main campaign, you can study all the nooks of the city. Therefore, it is not necessary to scour the entire area before moving to a new part of the city.

Transport Tips:

All cars in the game can be called unique. In addition to appearance, they differ significantly in characteristics and features. For example, an outwardly nondescript car may be the best choice in the game. For example, off-road, a car with all-wheel drive will have a huge advantage over other modes of transport.

In the Mafia 3 game, you can see two modes of transport control: realistic and arcade. Each of them in its own way affects the parameters (control, speed, etc.). Therefore, try to customize the Mafia 3 game as you like.

If you want to get a specific make of the car, then order your subordinates. Soon, the right car will be delivered to you without any difficulties, which eliminates the need to explore the city in search of a specific car.

All models of cars available in the game can be found in the gallery. It’s better to get to know her as soon as possible.

Machines can be improved, this feature extends to both performance and appearance.

Take part in street races as often as possible. This will bring you profit and allow you to open up new tuning opportunities.

Companion Perk Tips

Try to maintain a good mood with all your partners. In case of dissatisfaction, the NPC will immediately let you know about it. This is a reaction to actions that the partner does not approve of. Continuing to fulfill them, you will achieve that he will simply leave you.

Each of the partners has its own characteristics. For example, giving Vito new areas in New Bordeaux, at some point in the game you can get excellent weapons.

Try to get the Consultant perk as early as possible. Thanks to him, it will be possible to contact couriers and ask them to put money on deposit without leaving the mission.

Perks of Burka will give access to several cars that will be available in the future. Some models are considered the best in the whole game.

Kassandra’s perks will open for your access to new weapons or some improvements. For example, you can both get more powerful weapons and lower the cost of ammunition.

Guide Mafia 3: Helpful Tips For Beginners
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