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Every New Maps Coming To Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2

Season 2 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare presents a few new maps, including Rust.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare commences its second season tomorrow, February 11. The new season accompanies new maps, modes, Operators, and a 100-level Battle Pass.

A few new maps are being presented for Season 2 and should change up the game. Even better, since Activision has discarded paid guide pack DLC, everybody will approach all the new maps. Since Activision’s restrictiveness manage Sony is substantially more constrained for the current year, all the original plans and other Season 2 substance goes live across PS4, Xbox One, and PC simultaneously.

Here are, for the most part, the maps coming to Modern Warfare in Season 2.
Rust (Launch Day)


Rust is an excellent guide from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 taken from the “Endgame” battle strategic. It’s little and dusty and will show up in both standard and Gunfight playlists.

Map book Superstore (Launch Day)

Map book Superstore

Map book Superstore is fresh out of the box new guide for standard multiplayer. It happens in a goliath super store distribution center taken over by Al-Qatala psychological militants. “Fight in thick paths of traffic, over fallen racking, and all through the delivery, accepting, and representative just territories,” the official depiction peruses.

Zhukov Boneyard – Ground War (Launch Day)

Zhukov Boneyard

Zhukov Boneyard is an essential guide worked for the enormous scale Ground War mode. The official depiction peruses: “A resting place for disposed of plane parts, Zhukov Boneyard is a Ground War map in Verdansk. Traipse through this plane garbage yard and maintain a strategic distance from the disturbance of the adversary group while catching your targets.”

Kandor Hideout (Mid-Season)

Season 2 Roadmap

Kandor Hideout will be discharged mid-season, and Activision has “redacted” the intel on the guide. The main pic we have is the modest one on the right side of the above Season 2 Roadmap diagram.

Bazaar – Gunfight (Launch Day)


Another Gunfight map, Bazaar, is little and conservative. The official portrayal peruses: “A firmly contained go across an area of the avenues of Urzikstan is transformed into a battleground in Bazaar. Experience the strain filled Gunfight while exploring another zone of battle. The randomized Gunfight load-outs all get an opportunity to sparkle as the maps balanced design offers open doors for pivotal turning points and epic plays.”

These aren’t all the new maps we’ll get in Season 2, yet they’re the main ones that have been declaring up until this point. It’s a great deal of new substance thinking of it as’ all free at this point. Activision and Infinity Ward are raking in huge profits with the new Battle Pass framework and thing shop, which is a refreshing change from paid guide packs and plunder boxes.

Every New Maps Coming To Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 2
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