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Pokémon Masters Receives A Holiday Event With Latest Decorations

DeNA authoritatively fired up their very own occasion in Pokémon Masters today as we get a couple of new increases, yet for the most part improvement and ensembles. We have the full arrangement of augmentations for you underneath, including another search for the Pokémon Center, a story occasion that commences on December 23rd, and some extraordinary rewards only for signing in.

Pokémon Masters

See Trainers In Festive Outfits – Throughout the Christmas season, players will have the chance to see match up sets Rosa and Delibird and Siebold and Octazooka in merry outfits that are restrictive to Pokémon Masters. These synchronize sets will be accessible to add to players’ groups from this point until December 31, 9:59PM Pacific by means of a constrained time regular adjust pair scout. They may likewise make appearances in different regions of the game later on.

Investigate the Holiday- Themed Pokémon Masters – An in-game story occasion titled “Rosa’s Party” will enable players to encounter the Pokémon Masters in an entirely different manner – completely embellished for the Christmas season! Players will likewise have the option to set out on an undertaking with Rosa to set up a gathering and bring some seasonal joy to Pasio. Rosa and Delibird can likewise be tested in community mode to get extraordinary things used to overhaul adjust sets. This in-game occasion is accessible now and runs until December 31, 9:59PM Pacific, and is accessible to players who have finished Chapter 5 of the Main Story.

Story Event – “A Special Present”: Players who complete the in-game occasion “Rosa’s Party” will have the alternative to proceed with the story and gain up to 1,000 jewels by playing “A Special Present”, a constrained time story occasion that will run from December 23 10:00PM Pacific to December 24 9:59PM Pacific.

Login Bonuses: Players who login from this point until December 25 9:59PM Pacific will have the chance to win Evolution Crystals and up to 3,900 pearls.

Pokémon Masters Receives A Holiday Event With Latest Decorations
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